What is the abnormal temperature of the construction waste crusher bearing?

In the internal structure of the construction waste crusher, the bearing occupies an important position, and it also plays an important role in the production of the machine, but the high temperature phenomenon occurs when the bearing is used, which may result in The occurrence of phenomena such as deformation affects the life and efficiency of the equipment. In view of this situation, here is a question about what causes this phenomenon.

Reason one, insufficient lubrication

The reason for the shortage of lubricating oil in the construction waste crusher is generally because the type of lubricating oil is selected. Generally speaking, the working temperature of the bearing is relatively high. If the type of lubricating oil is not correct, the oil used for lubrication will deteriorate or be evaporated due to high temperature and high pressure, thus losing the function of protecting and lubricating the bearing, which will increase the bearing friction. The heat generated causes an abnormal increase in bearing temperature. In addition, if the lubricating oil is too small, or the replacement is not timely, it may cause the lubricating oil to lose its original effect, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the bearing, which may cause the bearing temperature to rise and cause the bearing to be damaged prematurely.

After analyzing the reasons for the insufficient lubrication of the construction waste crusher bearing, let us introduce the solution, mainly: when choosing the lubricating oil, try to choose the viscosity and the synthetic oil which is stable at high temperature, and the timed quantitative Adding lubricating oil;


Reason two, the internal bearing enters a large amount of powder

The occurrence of this phenomenon in the construction waste crusher will cause the lubricating oil to be contaminated. This phenomenon will not only cause the failure of the lubricating oil, but also cause the wear of the bearing to be intensified, and the temperature abnormality will occur.

The method of treatment is to immediately replace the oil seal when the powder enters the bearing and causes the bearing temperature to rise abnormally, and the quality of the lubricating oil is examined to ensure that it has not deteriorated. If there is too much powder accumulated in the interior of the construction waste crusher bearing, and the powder oil mixture cannot be discharged with the oil outlet, the inner end cover of the bearing can be opened, and the mixture of the powder oil can be discharged by compressing air or adding hydrogen. , refill new lubricants;

Cause three, the sealing system is damaged

The sealed air system of the construction waste crusher is the key to ensuring that the oil seal is not damaged. The sealed air system consists of a sealed fan and a duct. This system ensures that the powder does not get into the bearing and prevents the powder from damaging the oil seal. All links are closely connected, and they are indispensable. If there is a problem in one of the links, the air leakage or the debris will cause the pressure of the air seal ring to decrease and the air volume to be insufficient, so that the annular air sealing system cannot Formation, which in turn causes oil seal damage, powder entry, and bearing temperature rise.

The treatment of this phenomenon is mainly as follows: When the bearing temperature of the construction waste crusher rises abnormally, the production should be stopped immediately and investigated, and the sealing fan should be checked step by step in the direction of the wind so as to block the hole in time. , seizure and unblocking;

Cause four, partial damage of the bearing

The damage of the bearing is the root cause of the high temperature phenomenon in the production of construction waste crusher. The solution to this phenomenon is when the bearing surface is uneven, the local rotation is blocked, the left and right swing amplitude is increased, and internal noise occurs; If the bearing temperature suddenly appears overload or fluctuates up and down, stop production immediately, carry out maintenance inspection or disassembly, if the damage is serious, replace the bearing in time to ensure production safety;

Reason 5: Excessive internal grease and impurities

This phenomenon of construction waste crusher is mainly caused by the relatively large running resistance of the bearing and the too much oil accumulation when the machine is started. The main method of treatment is to immediately open the bearing side cover and take the oil sample for testing. If the metal content exceeds the standard, then the bearing has worn out, stop production and replace the bearing;

The article mainly introduces the phenomenon of abnormal temperature of the construction waste crusher bearing temperature. For the analysis of this problem, the above is more detailed, respectively introduced the reasons for the abnormal temperature of the bearing of the machine and the solution to the problem, only to ensure the normal state of the bearing, to ensure the smooth progress of production.

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