How much do you know about the advantages of vertical roller mills?

How much do you know about the advantages of vertical roller mills?

The friends who are familiar with the industry probably know something. According to different operating requirements, the types of equipment are different, as is the vertical roller mill. The vertical roller mill is an ideal milling equipment. Do you know what the advantages of this equipment are? How about it? Today, I will tell you about the advantages of vertical grinding equipment.

  • 1. Production investment costs have been significantly reduced.

The vertical roller mill system has simple process flow, compact layout, and small building area. It covers an area of ​​about 70% of the ball mill system, and the building space is about 60% of the ball mill system. And the vertical roller mill has a separator, so there is no need to add additional powder separator and lifting equipment. The outgoing dust-containing gas can be directly collected by a bag dust collector or an electric dust collector.

  • 2. High production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

The vertical roller mill uses the material layer grinding principle to grind materials, and the energy consumption is low. The power consumption of the grinding system is 20% to 30% lower than that of the ball mill, and the power saving effect is more obvious as the moisture of the raw material increases. Compared with the ball mill system, the energy consumption of the vertical roller mill system can save 30% to 40%. In the vertical roller mill, there is no sound of metal impact when the steel balls collide with each other in the ball mill and hit the liner, so the noise is low, which is 20-25dB lower than that of the ball mill. In addition, the vertical roller mill adopts a fully enclosed system. The system works under negative pressure, no dust, and a clean environment.

  • 3.Strong material drying ability

The vertical roller mill uses hot air to convey materials. When grinding materials with large moisture content, the inlet air temperature can be controlled to make the product reach the required final moisture content. Can be dried in a vertical roller mill-grinding into materials with a moisture content of 15% ~ 20%.

  • 4. Easy operation and convenient maintenance

Equipped with an automatic control system, it can realize remote control and easy operation. By overhauling the oil cylinder and turning the boom, it is convenient and quick to replace the roller sleeve and the liner to reduce the downtime loss of the enterprise.

  • 5. Product quality is stable and easy to detect

The chemical composition of the product is stable and the particle size is uniform, which is conducive to calcination. The time that the material stays in the vertical roller mill is only 2 ~ 3min, while it is 15 ~ 20min in the ball mill. Therefore, the chemical composition and fineness of the vertical roller mill products can be quickly determined and corrected.

  • 6. Low wear and high utilization.

Because there is no direct metal-to-metal contact between the grinding roller and the disc during vertical roller mill operation, the wear is small, and the metal consumption per unit product is generally 5 to 10 g / t.

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