Analysis of the Causes of Vibration of Vertical roller mill

Analysis of the Causes of Vibration of Vertical roller mill

Long-term work in a noisy environment will not only affect people's work mood but also affect people's physical and mental health, so we should minimize noise pollution. For the Vertical roller mill, vibration is the main cause of excessive noise, and it is also a problem that major companies have always wanted to solve. How to reduce noise pollution, SBM heavy machine believes that it should be solved from the source to find out the cause of pollution!

First, the situation of grinding materials

If the feeding is uneven or too small, the thickness of the upper layer of the grinding disc is uneven, and even the grinding roller hits the damper, resulting in grinding. The solution is to properly adjust the feeding speed or reduce the operating pressure, and appropriately reduce the speed of the classifier under the premise of ensuring the specific surface area of ​​the material.

The moisture content of the grinding material is too high, and the cake is formed between the grinding rolls, and the thickness distribution of the material layer is uneven. The solution is to use a drying device such as a hot blast stove.

The inside of the mill enters a foreign matter that is difficult to grind, such as an iron block. The solution is to check if the metal detector is normal or not and increase the iron removal device.


Second, equipment structure factors

The material entering the grinding mill disc can not be evenly spread around, resulting in a momentary thickness of the disc material layer in a certain direction, the thickness of the material layer, and the pulsating inertial impact and vibration caused by the rolling roller undulation. The solution is to strictly control the humidity and particle size of the milled material during operation and set up the batch reactor.

If the internal bearing is damaged, the grinding roller will not rotate, a large amount of slag will be slag, and the grinding roller in the rotating direction will suddenly vibrate. The bearings can be protected by improved lubricant paths and shaft end gas seals.

The liner bolts are loose and the material is squeezed from under the gap between the two liners to the underside of the liner. The disc liner is lifted, and the liner interrupts the change of the layer between the grinding roller and the grinding disc and forms the vibration of the Vertical roller mill as it rotates with the grinding disc, and is aggravated as the pressure of the grinding cylinder increases. The solution is to squeeze and weld the linings between the linings or the gap between the screeds with steel plates.

Looseness of the connecting bolt of the reducer housing and the Vertical roller mill housing causes vibration. Check and tighten the bolts.

The above is the analysis of the cause of the vibration of the Vertical roller mill summarized by the SBM heavy machine. Vibration has a huge impact on the entire production, maintenance and use of the Vertical roller mill, so please be sure to pay attention to it, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to the company!