Application of vertical roller mill to promote nepheline in industry2019-12-31

Summary:Application of vertical roller mill to promote nepheline in industryKabbsite has the characteristics of stable quality, good low-temperature fluxability, and hi

Application of vertical roller mill to promote nepheline in industry

Kabbsite has the characteristics of stable quality, good low-temperature fluxability, and high whiteness. Used for polishing tiles and granulating white materials, it can increase the translucent texture of tiles. Glazed bricks have low firing temperature, low ceramization temperature of the green body and high water absorption rate, which can easily cause the crystal body's expansion coefficient to be too low. Glaze cracking and green body hygroscopic expansion, green body rebound and glazed peeling and other fatal weaknesses. Xia stone powder is used in the glazed brick green body, which helps to improve the porcelain degree of the low temperature green body and improve the green body expansion coefficient. Reinforce the degree of combination of billet and glaze, broaden the use of glazed tiles, increase sales and other functions. The addition of Xia Shifen has the following important effects:

1.Improve the mass and heat transfer rate, help the moisture and loss of efflux and heat diffusion, and help rapid drying and rapid firing;

2.The relatively high aluminum content helps to broaden the firing temperature range and reduce quality defects such as deformation;

3.The high mutual melting of potassium and sodium makes the body semi-transparent, and makes the wear-resistant brick and polished brick have a unique texture;

4. Potassium and sodium are beneficial to the coloring of the green body, which can enrich the variety of product colors and reduce the amount of colorants;

5, Xia Shi can also overcome the quality defects of polished bricks rebound after throwing.

3. The unique role of Xia Shi in the outer brick body:

Xia stone also has the following unique functions in the outer wall brick green body: a. The outer wall brick green body that introduces Xia stone, talc, wollastonite will produce a self-release glaze phenomenon during firing. This self-release glaze is sub- Light transparent. Decorating the wall surface with the exterior wall brick has a unique texture and light feeling; b. The culture stone for exterior wall brick is produced with a formula infiltrated with nepheline, which is more similar to natural granite, fine crystal rock and diabase.

4, Xia Shi unique role in the sanitary ware body

Traditional sanitary ware has a long drying cycle, a long firing cycle, and a high firing temperature. The addition of Xia Shi can increase the specific gravity and flow rate of mud, accelerate the absorption of water by gypsum, and the drainage of water, and can improve the stiffness of the green body. Xia Stone can reduce the firing temperature of sanitary ware and the firing cycle of porcelain Transparency also has a unique effect.

5, the unique role of Xia Shi in vertical roller mill High-grade talc porcelain and bone ash porcelain are designated by the Central Office for diplomatic purposes. Xia stone helps MgO and P2O5 to dissolve and disperse in the glass phase, making the crystals fine, so as to achieve high light transmission, beautiful appearance and connotation. rich.

6. Application of Xia Shi in glaze

  • 1. The role of nepheline in low-temperature glaze. The combination of nepheline and boronite, lead-zinc ore and low-temperature sintering of lithium feldspar can be used to prepare pure raw materials for firing at various glazes. Makes white glaze delicate and soft, rich in texture.
  • 2. Application of nepheline in the production of frit By using calcareite instead of potassium and sodium feldspar to burn the frit, you can use less or no soda saltpeter, thereby reducing the erosion of the furnace wall refractory by soda saltpeter. In addition, emissions of toxic gases such as NO can be avoided.
  • 3. Application of Xia Shi in other aspects Xia Shi also has a unique role in the production of porous ceramics, low temperature ceramic membranes and glass welding materials.

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