Carbon block superfine vertical grinding mill introduction

Carbon block superfine vertical grinding mill introduction

Carbon products can be classified into graphite electrodes, carbon blocks, graphite anodes, carbon electrodes, pastes, electric carbons, carbon fibers, special graphites, and graphite heat exchangers. Graphite electrodes can be classified into ordinary power graphite electrodes according to the allowable current density. High power electrode, ultra high power electrode. Carbon blocks can be classified into blast furnace carbon blocks, aluminum carbon blocks, and electric furnace blocks according to their uses. Carbon products can be classified into carbon products, graphite products, carbon fibers and graphite fibers according to the depth of processing. Carbon products can be divided into graphite products, carbon products, carbon fibers, special graphite products, etc. according to different raw materials and production processes. Carbon products are manufactured according to the ash content of the products, and can be divided into multi-grey products and low-ash products familiar with carbon. Carbon has considerable application value in various industrial sectors of the national economy, and is also the development of accelerator economic construction. The right raw materials.


Introduction to carbon expertise

Carbon is a fuel substance derived from high-quality, high-quality anthracite that undergoes deep processing to change some properties of coal. Carbon products are classified into graphite electrodes, carbon blocks, graphite anodes, carbon electrodes, pastes, and electric carbons according to product use. Mainly used in the smelting industry: smelting of non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, as well as calcium carbide and phosphorus chemical enterprises. Sometimes used for medical purposes, such as medical carbon materials as a material to repair or replace damaged bone tissue. At present, most carbon products are used in a very wide range of industries, such as graphite products, graphite rings, graphite boats, etc. With the further development of technology, the application value of carbon products will be further expanded and extended to promote economic construction. Useful materials for development.

Carbon block superfine vertical mill grinding machine introduction


In the field of carbon preparation, the commonly used vertical roller mill can form different selection schemes according to the application value of the carbon industry, helping carbon blocks to exert greater market value. SBM heavy machine is in the field of carbon preparation. With accumulated professional knowledge and experience, it is a professional milling equipment that enhances market competitiveness and enhances the value of finished products in the carbon field. The equipment can be determined according to the customer's specific milling information. Each customer's production needs are different. The SBM heavy machine combines with the carbon application field to manufacture the preferred carbon ultra-fine mill selection scheme. The fine grinding machine is more cost-effective, and the quality and service contribute more to the healthy development of the carbon industry. SBM heavy machine ultra-fine vertical grinding mill is an ultra-fine grinding processing equipment with energy saving and high efficiency consumption. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh, with comprehensive mechanical pulverizing properties such as rolling, grinding and impact. Among them, the TL model has been certified by China Calcium Carbonate Association as a new energy-saving and consumption-reducing equipment for ultra-fine processing of calcium carbonate in China. The whole system adopts semi-automatic control and unique process, which can greatly improve production efficiency, including crushing, conveying and milling. The collection, storage, and packaging of finished products are systematic, strong in product applicability, and the main machine is equipped with built-in classification mechanism. The grading wheel has unique structure, good grading effect, good product granularity, no large particle pollution, stable product quality, and carbon. The ideal fine grinding equipment for the product.