Construction Waste Crusher Gives Clean Air to Society

Construction Waste Crusher Gives Clean Air to Society

No matter in any aspect, we begin to pay attention to all inspections and to properly rectify the level of our environment and quality of life so that everyone can live a stable life and have stable income. Mining machinery, SBM's heavy-duty construction waste crusher in the expansion of construction projects has fully achieved the maintenance of the environment from all aspects.

This world is so important to our life. From all business investment, mining machinery and equipment are the most beneficial helpers for social transformation. From highways to gravel plants to agricultural development, there are mining machinery. Dedication is paying off, and it is a very good improvement of the changes in a wide range of resources. It also gives the society a fresh air.

The construction waste crusher produced by SBM Machinery Factory has the following features:

One, double rotor up and down two levels of smash

The two sets of rotors connected in series with each other cause the material broken by the upper rotor to be finely crushed by the rapidly rotating lower rotor hammer. The materials in the cavity collide with each other and crush each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and material powder. , Discharge directly.

Second, the hydraulic starter shell

The hydraulic opening and closing device makes it easy to open and close the cabinet with only one person, which is not only light, fast and safe, but also easy to maintain.

The machine is designed without a screen bottom. There is no strict requirement on the moisture content of the material. There is no problem of blocking the screen plate. There is no problem that the fine powder cannot be discharged in time and the grinding is repeated. Therefore, the grinding efficiency is high and there is no hammerhead. Invalid wear.

construction waste crusher

Third, no screen bottom, high humidity materials, never block

The traditional pulverizer with a sieve sieve is not suitable for raw materials with a moisture content higher than 8%. When the moisture content of the raw material is higher than 10%, severe jams can easily occur, so that the hammer cannot rotate and the material can not be discharged or even burned. Bad motors seriously affect production.

Fourth, unique two-way gap technology

After the hammer head wears, the gap between the hammer head and the liner plate becomes larger and the particle size becomes coarser, and the gap between the center of the hammer head and the liner plate can be reduced to continue to be used. It is also possible to shift the gap from the outside to the inside to adjust the size of the material. A hammer can be used with three hammers.

The pollution of construction waste in our lives is a great hazard to our health, so SBM Heavy Industries has designed a variety of construction waste crushers. With the development of urban construction, more and more buildings are to be demolished, followed by a large amount of construction waste. How to deal with construction waste has become a difficult problem for municipal construction. The renewable resources in construction waste mainly include muck, waste bricks, waste concrete, waste wood, waste steel bars, and scrap metal components. Building garbage grinder equipment can turn these things into treasure.

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