Construction waste crusher introduction

In recent years, the renovation of urban villages, the demolition of illegal immigrants, the transformation of the old city continues to accelerate the pace of implementation of the project, the city has become more and more beautiful, while the volume of construction waste has increased day by day, construction waste crusher imminent! Construction waste mainly comes from land excavation, dilapidated building materials, road excavation and construction sites, which usually contain cement-based materials, ceramic-based materials, natural stone, metals and others (such as wood and plastic) Level of development, building structure, demolition, recycling methods vary. China produces about 1.55 billion tons of construction waste every year. These construction rubbish has eroded our living environment, destroying the beauty and causing potential safety problems.

Construction waste crusher Application areas:

According to the finished product of different particle size, broken construction crusher can be used as a wall plaster, brick masonry, brick, road construction, or the main raw material instead of sand. If the construction waste is a higher grade material such as concrete pavement slab, building beam, bridge panel, curb or crash barrier, the regenerated material after crushing can even be used for fresh concrete, applied to municipal engineering, road construction Or building area.

The main purpose of construction waste

More and more effective recycling of construction waste by the government and community attention, the use of custom crushing, grinding production line, can be more than 95% of construction waste as a variety of building materials to reuse, with great economic value and social Environmental value.

  • (1) manufacture of recycled concrete aggregates
  • Will waste masonry, concrete and other broken into renewable aggregate, can replace common aggregate for roadbed construction or preparation of concrete.

  • (2) manufacture recycled brick
  • After the waste bricks are crushed and milled, the 150 # and 175 # bricks that meet the requirements of GB5101-85 "Ordinary sintered brick standard" can be obtained, and the process of burning and steaming can be saved.

  • (3) reburning brick masonry cement
  • Waste brick after grinding, does not require firing process can be made in line with the GB / T3183 standard 175 #, 275 # masonry cement.

  • (4) Other new building materials products
  • Construction rubbish after crushing and milling can also be made of concrete standard brick, concrete brick and other new porous wall materials products, as well as pavement tiles, permeable bricks, curbs and other concrete pavement products.

  • (5) landfill pile mountain
  • There is no recycling value of construction waste, crushing can also be used as backfill material landscape rockery garden.

Construction waste processing and production process

According to the requirements of the production and processing of construction waste raw materials, they can be processed by fixed or mobile crushing lines, optionally processed by grinding equipment, and their finished products have a wider range of uses.

The first phase of pretreatment of construction waste materials is best to pretreatment, including (optional) using hydraulic hammer to reduce the excess of large pieces of steel will cut too long to prevent damage to the conveyor belt, sorting, removal of large debris, etc. .

The second stage of crushing the use of jaw crusher, impact crusher and other raw materials for crushing, the actual engineering application shows that the process can effectively crush the construction waste, separation of the steel.

In the third stage, the material after the iron screening and crushing is separated from the iron metal such as rebar by the iron separator, the sand, stone and other materials of different specifications which are not met by the shale shaker are returned to the crusher for reworking, The formation of closed-circuit cycle, to ensure the quality of finished products expected.

The fourth stage grinding (optional) The use of suspended roller grinding crushed material for further processing, production of different grades of powder. These powders can be used as brick, cement, concrete admixtures and other high value-added products raw materials.

Construction waste treatment process is relatively complex, in the latter part of the crushing, grinding process generally used feeder, jaw crusher, separator, counterbreak, vibrating screen, MTM medium speed trapezium mill and so on.

Construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher - Product performance

Construction waste crusher is the emergence of the earlier crushing equipment, Golden Machinery Co., Ltd. R & D and production of construction waste crusher is mainly used for a variety of ores and large pieces of medium-sized pieces of broken material is crushed the maximum compressive strength of 320MPa . Because of its simple structure, strong, reliable, easy maintenance and repair and production and construction costs are relatively small, until now still widely in the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, power, transportation and other industrial sectors for crushing compressive strength of 147 ~ 245MPa various ores and rocks of the coarse, medium and fine crushing. In recent years, I plant to meet the metallurgical, mining, construction and other industrial sectors crushing high-strength, high-hardness micro-carbon ferrochrome needs, developed a new type of efficient construction waste crusher for users to choose.

Is the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory and ceramic industries such as the ideal broken, fine crushing equipment.

Construction waste crusher mainly by the jaw, moving jaw, side liner, shield and other components. The machine crushing cavity deep and no dead zone, improve the feeding capacity and output, usually as a secondary crusher instead of crusher.

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