And other construction waste crusher plus cement

In the factory entrance, colorful recycled brick neatly arranged. Into the interior of the plant, Construction waste shredder catches the eyes of a "giant" busy figure. I saw a loader shovel full of construction waste crusher, etc., directly into the feeder, the feeder evenly to the crusher, crusher a belt below a steady stream of recycled aggregate and reinforcement, in addition to Ironware to absorb the reinforcement, renewable materials into the screening machine for screening classification, and then have a few different belts to the aggregate to the pile, the construction waste recycled aggregate forklifts into the box by the truck, together with cement, Fly ash, etc., into the hydraulic brick machine to produce a variety of different types of burned brick, that is, we have just seen a colorful loaded brick. Large factory area, do not see a chimney and smoke, very environmentally friendly. Add cement, fly ash

construction waste crusher

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As an important member of the Construction waste resource utilization, the construction waste mill of SBM Mine Machine has contributed to it. The equipment is in the early stage of design as well as the characteristics of domestic concrete. Therefore, the equipment has unique advantages in breaking construction waste concrete, effectively separating the reinforced concrete, and realizing the construction waste of "resources - products - renewable resources - new products" Cycle of economic forms, to achieve a significant increase in resource utilization. And other construction waste crusher

At present, the world's leading YPC Mobile Garbage Disposal Equipment was unveiled to fully demonstrate its innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient equipment and technology achievements in order to meet the application needs of the construction waste disposal industry and successfully completed the resource treatment of construction waste process.

In recent years, the siege of construction waste has become a local management problem, and Sino-Italian construction waste crusher will bring a huge amount of "new weather" to the comprehensive utilization of construction waste and will be waiting to be seen.