Feeding problem of jaw crusher2019-06-18

Summary:With the rapid development of the economy, China's infrastructure has been continuously strengthened

Feeding problem of jaw crusher

With the rapid development of the economy, China's infrastructure has been continuously strengthened, and China's broken industry has also ushered in new development. We know that the jaw crusher is a pre-process in the sand and gravel industry, so our customers need to know the feed process of the jaw crusher. The following small series will be introduced to you.

First, when the shovel gravel is fed, it is necessary to observe whether the operation is good, whether there is noise, and then perform the crushing operation after all normal operations. Moreover, the initial feeding should be small gravel or all finished materials, so that the jaw crusher does not vibrate when the machine is first operated; the material of the jaw crusher should be gradually increased until it is running at full load.


Secondly, the particle size of the crushed material should meet the requirements of the equipment, and the materials put into the crushing chamber are all materials after screening. If it is not met, a vibrating screen should be added to the front of the jaw crusher to return the non-conforming material and continue to be crushed. This will help to increase the throughput and increase the productivity of the jaw crusher. The role. Since these materials that do not conform to the machine can fill the grooves between the ridges of the rafts, the effective height of the ribs is reduced, and the material between the slabs is broken only by the pressure, so that the crushing force of the rafts on the materials is reduced, and the broken materials are broken. The effect is not good.

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