Detail optimization design of gravel aggregate production line2019-04-11

Summary:In the production line design process, often overlooked in a small detail, will lead to problems in the sand making machine, running out of drip leakage phenome

In the production line design process, often overlooked in a small detail, will lead to problems in the sand making machine, running out of drip leakage phenomenon is common, the following SBM Heavy Industries on gravel aggregate production line in the details of the optimization to be described .

  • 1. Feeding point do not take ash does not leak the premise is a good seal, blanking point before and after the best to stay a guide slot, before and after the bumper to seal well.
  • 2. Belt selection should be left redundant, so as not to material layer is too thick and easy to leak material as far as possible choose trumpet-type guide groove, blanking to be centered; oblique left to leave a piece of straight section, to avoid deviation at the same time can Prevent material leakage.
  • 3. Feeding point from the best tail wheel at 1.5m above the best blanking section is flat, if the angle is greater than 8 degrees, to leave a long enough distance.
  • 4. Dust mouth to be close to the expected point, one end of the flared to be connected to the cutting material, do not leave too far.
  • 5. For crushing dust and other places, to do two before and after the dust, so do not leak, sealed well, so that the basic can be achieved without dust.
  • 6. Minimize the height of unloader, clever design of the buffer layer, reducing material impact speed, thereby reducing dust.

Methods to improve the fatigue strength of the main shaft of the crusher

Improve the fatigue strength of the main shaft crusher In addition to the general design of the part to enhance its strength to take the usual measures, but also through the following design measures to improve its fatigue strength:

  • 1. Minimize the impact of stress concentration on the spindle. This is the primary measure and the main way to improve its fatigue strength. However, sudden changes in the shape and size of the main shaft (such as shoulders) are the structural source of stress concentration. Therefore, in order to reduce the stress concentration, the structural shape and size of the part (that is, the main shaft) should be minimized to make changes as much as possible Smooth and even. To this end, as far as possible to increase the fillet radius at the transition; the same section of the shaft adjacent sections of the rigid changes should be as small as possible.
  • 2. At structures inevitably generating large stress concentrations, relief troughs can be used to reduce the effects of stress concentration.
  • 3. Selection of materials with high fatigue strength and regulations to improve the fatigue strength of the material heat treatment methods and strengthening process.
  • 4. Improve the surface quality of the spindle. For example, in the higher stress areas of the spindle surface processed more smooth. Or, if some shaft section, working in a corrosive medium, then the shaft section to provide the appropriate surface protection.
  • 5. As much as possible to reduce or eliminate the primary axis of the surface may occur the size of the initial crack, to extend its fatigue life has the material to improve performance even more significant role. Therefore, for important shaft sections, strict test methods and requirements should be specified on the design drawings.
  • 6. Cooling, reducing load, for cooling the journal of the friction pair to take cooling design, but also significantly improve their fatigue life. Because the spindle is a rotating part, after a certain number of revolutions are run under low stress, the stress level of the design is gradually increased.

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