SBM Hammer crusher safe operation and measures to prevent accidents

Hammer crusher safe operation and measures to prevent accidents

Hammer crusher is also a commonly used crusher equipment. It can be said that it is one of the low-cost limestone crushers, also called small limestone sand machines, mainly crushing medium hardness materials. In order to achieve the desired results in use, it is important to ensure that equipment is operating safely to reduce accidents. Therefore, we must take appropriate operation and maintenance measures to hammer the crusher. Let us explain the safe operation and accident prevention of the hammer crusher.


  • 1. It is very important to ensure the dynamic balance of the hammer crusher. The movable hammer suspended from the hammer frame should ensure a basic balance of mass and the drive pulley should be completed to ensure concentricity. The technical requirement for these two aspects is the dynamic balance of the hammer crusher.
  • 2. Properly install the hammer crusher bearing, the bearing should be installed to ensure the tolerance of the parallel bearing of the bearing and the inner and outer diameter of the bearing, to ensure that the bearing runs smoothly and can not be stuck. The correct use of the bearing can be used for two years or more. If the installation is not correct and the use is not reasonable, the bearing life will be greatly shortened.
  • 3. The lubrication of the hammer crusher lubrication system should be used reasonably. The lubricant should be added to the appropriate level. In the winter, the lubricant with small viscosity should be used in the summer to ensure the regular replacement.
  • 4. When inspecting and inspecting the hammer crusher, attention should be paid to the temperature and sound of the bearing, the tightness of the fastener, the vibration and abnormality of the body should be stopped in time, and maintained by the mechanic.
  • 5. When installing, pay attention to the quality of the hammer breaker, and there must be no quality defects such as cracks to prevent the hammer from causing serious damage to the hammer crusher.

The above is the safe operation of the hammer crusher and measures to prevent accidents. Through this understanding, it will lay a solid foundation for the safe operation of the hammer crusher in the future, so that the hammer crusher can operate at a lower cost. If you want to know more about the safe operation of the crusher equipment sand machine equipment, you can visit our website or call our company hotline.