What is the impact of summer production at high temperatures on sand making equipment?

What is the impact of summer production at high temperatures on sand making equipment?

The sand making machine moves to a new level of skill in the form of rapid development. The development of the demand for construction proves that the equipment of the sand making machine is strong, but even if the machine is strong, it will finally be a day. The key is how long you can let it live. How much benefit it can bring to you.

The high temperature environment has a great influence on the sand making machine equipment, especially the sand making machine equipment operating in the open air high temperature environment. It is also the problem that some customers consult most when it is necessary to protect and maintain the sand making machine equipment under high temperature environment. Shanghai SBM is a professional sand making machine and sand making line manufacturer in China. Shanghai SBM experts have discussed and consulted some customers after the practice, and summarized the following aspects of the high temperature environment affecting the sand making machine:

  • 1. Due to the increase in temperature, the smoothing of the sand making machine affects the first battle, so that the smooth oil viscosity decreases, the smoothness decreases, and the power is reduced, and the internal parts are also simply worn. The research indicates that the long-term operation of the sand making machine equipment at high temperature will result in poor performance of the smooth system, easy deterioration of the oil, easy wear of the transmission system such as the chassis, and the appearance of the paint layer, brake system, clutch, throttle control system and metal. The structure has an impact. Therefore, the sand making machine in high temperature environment is not suitable for long-term operation.


  • 2. The influence of high temperature on the engine is mainly manifested in the fact that the engine temperature rises rapidly, and the external temperature is high, which simply causes the engine to "open", which causes the viscosity of the oil to drop, resulting in mechanical failures such as pulling cylinders and burning tiles, and also reducing The output power of the engine; the continuous high temperature has strict requirements on the permeability of the radiator, and the high-load operation of the cooling system is required, which reduces the life of the cooling system fan, generator and other components, and the air-conditioning compressor, The use of the fan is particularly frequent and it is also a simple failure.
  • 3. The influence of some human factors will also increase the harm of high temperature climate to sand making equipment. For example, some sand making machines think that the summer temperature is high, adding water to the engine coolant instead of antifreeze.

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