How to disassemble and replace the jaw crusher2019-10-14

Summary:Due to the long-term operation in the harsh working environment, the jaw crusher needs to crush ore, stone, etc.

How to disassemble and replace the jaw crusher

Due to the long-term operation in the harsh working environment, the jaw crusher needs to crush ore, stone, etc. with high hardness, so the wear is extremely high, and the replacement frequency of wear parts is high. It is necessary to prepare spare parts to avoid delay in production, which involves Disassembly of the crusher, replacement of wear parts and number of spare parts.

Jaw crusher disassembly

The most frequent replacement of jaw crushers is the thrust plate, the bracket. The crusher of the integral connecting rod must be removed from the thrust plate. First unscrew the baffle bolt, cut off the dry oil lubricating pipe, and hang the thrust plate on the crane lifting hook or other lifting equipment before releasing the horizontal tie rod. The spring at one end pulls the movable jaw in the direction of the fixed jaw and takes out the thrust plate. If the thrust plate is to be removed, the connecting rod should be pulled apart from the front thrust plate and the moving jaw, and the rear thrust plate should be taken out. After the thrust plate is removed, cut off the thin oil lubrication pipe and the cooling water pipe, support the bracket under the connecting rod, and then remove the connecting rod cover to lift the connecting rod.

The main shaft of the crusher should be removed together with the pulley and the flywheel. Move the motor (along with the belt) along the slide rail as far as possible to the crusher and remove the V-belt. Then lift the shaft with a crane. In order to disassemble the moving boring, the dry oil lubricating oil pipe must be cut off, the tie rod should be dismantled, the bearing cap removed, and then the crane pulled out with a crane or other lifting equipment.

Jaw crusher wear parts replacement matters

In the jaw crusher, the liner, thrust plate and eccentric shaft are the main wear parts, and the service life of the broken wear parts is shown in the following figure. Here are some notes on the replacement of these wear parts.

The jaw lining (tooth plate) of the jaw crusher, the moving lining (tooth plate), and the lining plates (guard plates) are most likely to wear. If the wear is severe, the product size will increase. When the lining is initially worn, the lining can be turned around or used. The wear of the seesaw is concentrated in the middle and lower parts. When the tooth plate is worn off by 3/5, a new liner needs to be replaced. When the two side linings wear out 2/5, new ones need to be replaced.

If the shaft wears less, just want to fix the geometry, you can get the turning on the lathe, but when the turning is reduced by 5% compared with the original, the turning is not allowed, and the new one should be replaced. Since the jaw crusher operates under impact load, the Babbitt lining on the bearing shell needs to be recast every two years.


If the eccentric shaft and the bearing bush, the mandrel and the bearing bush are worn, and the gap is greater than 1.5 times of the original assembly clearance, it needs to be adjusted or replaced; the oil groove wears 1.5 mm, the oil groove should be re-opened and adjusted; The gap between the eccentric shaft and the eccentric shaft, when worn to more than 1.5 times the assembly clearance, also requires padding adjustment or replacement.

When the thrust plate is seriously worn or the front thrust plate is broken, the ore in the crushing chamber must be removed first, and the thrust plate with severe wear or breakage should be taken out to check whether the brackets on the moving jaw and the connecting rod are damaged. Then pull the moving jaw near the fixed jaw, lubricate the working surface of the bracket with dry oil, replace it with a new thrust plate, make it slowly contact with the working surface of the bracket, and tighten the horizontal tie rod to make the thrust The board is clamped. Tighten the safety cover, connect the lubrication system, and adjust the size of the discharge port.

  • 1, the replacement of the liner
  • 2. Replacement of mandrel, eccentric shaft and bearing bush
  • 3. Replacement of thrust plate

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