Shanghai SBM teaches you how to reduce the cost of sand production lines

Shanghai SBM teaches you how to reduce the cost of sand production lines

According to SBM Heavy Industries, the sand production line has been laid and running in the industry. Faced with different stone hardness, different processing environments, different discharge requirements, etc., the sand production lines of each family are also actively responding. However, now everyone is more concerned about the cost of the stone production line. Since most people are concerned about the price issue. Today, I will briefly introduce the cost of the production line.

A complete sand production line usually consists of the following equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, counter crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor and so on.

The cost of the production line can be roughly divided into two parts. One piece refers to the cost of investment, that is, the cost of purchasing equipment. The cost of the equipment is determined according to the hardness of the stone, the size of the feed, the fineness of the discharge, and the shape of the particles. It refers to the cost of production, that is, the operating cost, according to the total power of the equipment, the replacement period of the wearing parts.


Different users' ideas and expectations are different. Generally speaking, users who have entered the mining machinery industry often use more economical equipment because of their lack of funds and lack of experience and other relevant factors, which means that the production line equipment is cheaper, even if the operation cost is higher, the output is biased. The lower ones are acceptable. After a period of development, the capital is strong and some new equipment is replaced, and then the cost of operation is considered. The large mine users are different, mainly according to the production requirements and the operating costs. To make a decision, not to pay special attention to the price of the device itself.

How can the sand production line save costs? Reasonable choice of high-quality mining machinery and equipment, more reference, more than mining machinery manufacturers, it is important to choose the right manufacturer, which is related to a series of problems after the sale, such as inevitable maintenance, repair and replacement parts; price The problem is very important. As the saying goes, the price is one point. At the moment when the network is developed, the price of the crusher product is already very transparent. If it suddenly appears, the price of one family is particularly low, which is different from the price of other manufacturers. When you are old, you have to be extra careful. Generally speaking, there are two situations. One is the refurbished machine, which is the second mobile phone. Another possibility is that the machine is not right. Many manufacturers have placed a piece of the small model on the machine of the No. 1 in order to get a piece of the market in a high market environment. On the surface, it is consistent, but the weight is different. Larger, and then the actual production of the facts can not keep up, so users should keep their eyes on when choosing equipment.

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