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Summary:The introduction of the Mobile crusher eliminates the tedious steel frame structure and groundwork construction during crushing and saves a lot of time. Mobile

The introduction of the Mobile crusher eliminates the tedious steel frame structure and groundwork construction during crushing and saves a lot of time. Mobile crusher can be directly selected venues, directly to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product size. Especially suitable for small crushing sites, suitable for construction waste treatment, construction waste crushing. The mobile crusher also greatly reduces investment costs, but it increases investment income. Mobile crusher with crushing equipment at all levels to match the rational, the entire process unobstructed discharge, reliable operation, easy operation, energy efficient features. In particular, mobility is good, with raw materials or construction site can be extended together, and can be a variety of combinations to meet the needs of different materials.

Mobile crusher applications

Mobile crusher (mobile crusher) is mainly used in the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, utilities and other often need to move the material processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects and other mobile stone operations, and truly create for customers More new business opportunities and lower production costs.

  • 1, All-in-one equipment installation forms, eliminating the complicated site infrastructure installation work of split components, reducing the material, man-hour consumption.Compact and space-saving layout of the unit to improve the flexibility of the site.
  • 2, Mobile crusher flexibility, crushing Mobile crusher vehicle site is high, the body width is smaller than the operating semi-trailer turning radius of small for ordinary road driving more convenient in the crushing area of ​​rough road environment. Save time for a quick stationed site is more conducive to stationed in a reasonable construction area for the overall fragmentation process provides a more flexible space and a reasonable layout and configuration.
  • 3, reduce the cost of material transportation, the first line of the material can be crushed on-site, eliminating the material from the site and then broken the middle part of greatly reducing the material transport costs. In addition, the longer the unit can directly crush the material into the transfer car hopper away from the scene.
  • 4, the role of direct and effective integration of a series of mobile crusher, can be used independently or in the process for the customer on the type of material, product requirements to provide more flexible process configuration to meet the user mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, so that Generate organizations, more direct and effective logistics and transport costs to a large extent reduced.
  • 5, adaptable configuration Flexible mobile crusher for coarse crushing, crushing screening system can stand-alone stand-alone operation can also be flexibly configured system configuration unit joint operation. Discharge hopper side of the screen for the delivery of materials to provide a variety of configuration flexibility, integrated unit configuration in addition to the diesel generator power supply to the unit can also be targeted to the process of system configuration unit combined power supply.

Mobile crusher maintenance and repair process

Mobile crusher maintenance is of concern to many users, because only its careful maintenance can effectively extend the service life of equipment, thereby creating a more significant economic value for users.

mobile crusher

  • 1, routine maintenance
  • (1) The equipment should be lubricated in accordance with the technical standards, and in the choice of lubricant type, to use the specified type of lubricant, especially in terms of type, dose should be more strict treatment.

    (2) to be easy to loose parts for timely fastening, so as to effectively avoid the equipment more damage, but also to some extent, these wearing parts also affect the efficiency of the equipment, so in the maintenance process more Pay great attention to it.

    (3) If there is excessive noise or vibration in the production process, stop the machine at this time, because noise is often the prelude to the failure. To avoid more damage, we should conduct a comprehensive Checked.

  • 2, the use of maintenance
  • (1) minor repair: minor repair purpose is to avoid greater failure of the equipment, to the local fine-tuning, without affecting its function under the conditions of effective repair, such as replacement parts, reset switch reset in time.

    (2) in the repair: This refers to the impact of the normal operation of the equipment repair, equipment shutdown process, according to the equipment diagram for system view, especially the core components, focusing on the problem of uncoordinated components, this time The system should be decomposed machine, check its wear and tear.

    (3) overhaul: it refers to the equipment in a long time down the maintenance work carried out in the overhaul process, regardless of the important components or core components, can not be taken lightly, and only after such repairs can quickly restore the normal operation of equipment State, but also to avoid the greater loss.

There are many ways of maintenance, the above is only a systematic introduction, in addition, if the manufacturer is strong, you can on equipment maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, etc., so as to ensure that its longer life, welcome more Users to SBM machine for in-depth inspection, or contact the 24-hour telephone for help.

Mobile crusher contrast fixed crusher

In the current crushing equipment market, there are two types of crushing equipment, one is a mobile crusher, one is a fixed crusher, the purpose of both crushing equipment is the same, the same is to break a larger piece of material Into small pieces of material for the needs of various industries.

Fixed crushing equipment appeared earlier, occupy the crushing market for a long time, then the Mobile crusher relatively speaking, appeared later, but does not affect the Mobile crusher in the current market position, since the establishment of the crushing equipment The backbone of the position, we can see Mobile crusher is not weak. Today, SBM machines lead you through the benefits of both devices.

  • Mobile crusher advantages
  • 1, the literal interpretation of the difference between the two is very obvious, one can move, one can not move. However, structurally, it contains and is contained in a relationship. The mobile crusher contains fixed crushers, which are part of a mobile crusher that is combined into a mobile crusher by a variety of equipment.

    2, Mobile crusher although bulky body, but it is a flexible "fat", no matter when and where the Mobile crusher can be flexible and free to move from the external environment, the advantage of mobile crushing One of the main advantages of the machine.

    3, Mobile crusher can not only include jaw crusher, but also include a variety of crushing equipment, such as: impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, etc., can be based on the different needs of customers for assembly and integration, Can play a variety of advantages of Mobile crusher.

  • The advantages of fixed crusher
  • 1, compared to mobile crusher fixed crusher, the price advantage is a big advantage. It is precisely because the structure of fixed crushing equipment is relatively simple, when casting raw materials, save more money.

    2, fixed-type crushing equipment, although smaller, but work up to meet the production capacity is enough to meet the production needs of customers, different specifications of the crusher, the production output is not the same, customers can freely with the actual situation.

    3, the latter type of crusher repair is relatively simple, if the operation is in line with the requirements, it basically will not appear a larger fault for customers to save a lot of capital investment.

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