Introduction of slag grinding equipment2020-01-15

Summary:Introduction of slag grinding equipmentIn the early days of China, slag was thrown away in the form of garbage. The slag that was thrown away not only required

Introduction of slag grinding equipment

In the early days of China, slag was thrown away in the form of garbage. The slag that was thrown away not only required treatment fees but also polluted the environment. Slag is actually a raw material for cement in foreign countries. It is a waste of slag due to our national conditions. We In the late reform period, China paid great attention to environmental issues. In order to respond to national environmental protection policies, SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. produced all equipment in accordance with environmental protection policies to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

It was also at this stage that SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced foreign and self-help research and development technology, and developed and produced the first large-scale slag Vertical roller mill in China. The emergence of slag Vertical roller mills has turned slag waste into a treasure and allowed slags to be used reasonably. SBM heavy machine slag Vertical roller mills have made a significant contribution to reducing environmental pollution from slags. The following is an introduction to the working principle of a slag Vertical roller mill:

The raw slag of the slag Vertical roller mill enters the feeding silo via a grabber, and is fed by a conveyor belt into a screw feeding device after feeding. It is fed into the ZJTL roller Vertical roller mill. The slag material in the mill is rotated by the centrifugal force with the rotation of the disc. After moving to the edge, after the compaction, degassing, and grinding processes, the slag material is taken up by the hot air entering from the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc and dried instantly. The finer particles are taken to the classifier for sorting. The powder is returned to the grinding disc and ground. The qualified fine powder is taken into a bag dust collector, and the air powder is separated after the finished product is collected. After the finished product is collected, it is transported into the finished product bulk warehouse, and the exhaust gas is discharged after being silenced by the fan. Some difficult-to-grind large-grain materials (and iron knobs and iron slag) enter the external circulation system through the slag discharge port at the wind ring, and after being removed from the iron, they are fed into the mill for grinding by the hoist again. The hot air required for drying and ventilation of the slag mill is provided by a hot blast stove, and the insufficient part is supplemented from the atmosphere by a cold air valve. The system has a large air volume and strong drying capacity, and the moisture content of the milled material can reach 8-15%. For more information about slag Vertical roller mills, please consult the online customer service on the website or call the online free phone on the website.

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