Mobile crushing station classification and characteristics2019-04-11

Summary:Mobile crushing station classification and characteristicsThe mobile crushing station is suitable for the crushing of soft or medium-hard and extremely hard mat

Mobile crushing station classification and characteristics

The mobile crushing station is suitable for the crushing of soft or medium-hard and extremely hard materials. The mobile crushing station is widely used in many departments such as large-scale, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. Mobile crushing station is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials processing that often require relocation operations, especially for the operation of mobile stone materials such as highways, railways, and hydropower projects. It really creates more new businesses for customers. Opportunity and reduce production costs.

Classification of mobile crushing stations

According to the different manufacturing processes, it can be divided into crawler type mobile crushing station and tire type mobile crushing station.

(1) Characteristics of crawler type mobile crushing station:

The first product launched in the Chinese market is a tracked mobile crushing plant. Crude mobile crushing station is represented. The crushing technology and quality are relatively advanced. Each device consists of 25 basic modules. Each module has a wealth of optional components that can be tailored to customers according to the customer's special requirements. Tracked mobile crushers can be used for the crushing and recycling of rocks, ores, block-shaped road asphalt concrete, and demolished building cement concrete materials.

Features and advantages:

Excellent performance High reliability Easy to transport, short assembly time Safe and simple operation and maintenance Meet strict environmental standards.

Mobile crushing station

(2) Characteristics of tire type mobile crushing station:

The tire type mobile crushing station is a new product that is convenient for the construction waste crushing and is first developed according to the domestic market conditions. Flexible combination, strong adaptability: There are various configurations of various crushing stations, users can also choose according to their own needs, according to the requirements of different crushing processes to form "first broken after the screen", can also be composed of "first screening after the broken" Processes, crushing and screening can also be used individually. The crushing station can be combined into coarse and fine crushing two-stage crushing and screening systems according to actual demand, and can also be combined into coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening systems.

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