SBM What problems should be paid attention to during the sanding machine?

What problems should be paid attention to during the sanding machine?

After the sand making machine is purchased, it is necessary to carry out a necessary stage - running-in, in order to enable it to operate normally in future operations, reduce the failure rate and extend the service life. However, many customers are now eager for quick success. They want to put the sand making machine into use as soon as possible, ignoring its running-in, causing frequent failures and affecting the progress of the project. Therefore, whether it is a sand maker or an investor, we must pay attention to this running-in period.


  • 1. Before the running-in, the operator must be systematically trained to fully understand the structure and performance of the sand making machine. The product manual provided by the manufacturer is a necessary manual for the operator. During the running-in and during the subsequent maintenance, it must be operated and maintained as described in the manual.
  • 2. During the running-in period, the working load of the sand making machine should not exceed 80% of the rated load, and plan to prevent overheating.
  • 3. During the running-in period, pay attention to observe the various instruments of the sand making machine and the operation, if there is any abnormality, if there is any need to stop the operation in time, find the cause, and then start the operation after troubleshooting.

The running-in period is a necessary process before the sand machine starts its formal operation. It cannot be omitted. It can make the sand making machine equipment exert its maximum effect in future operations.