Portable Gravity Separation Plants

Vertical gravity separator can be a specialized piece of machinery designed to separate particles of a related size that differ in weight, eliminating light trash. SBM portable vertical gravity separation plant uses air as a standard as an alternative to water. Because air is lighter than water, the relative distinction in between particles of differing weights is increased. Because of this, the gravity separator is often a very sensitive machine and, when operated appropriately, can produce an incredibly precise separation.

Features and benefits:

SBM vertical portable gravity separation plant operates by ingenious handle of each fluid velocity and stress, which gently coaxes the impurities from the water. This allows high density undesired components to fall into a sludge retaining area at the bottom of the vessel, and for the cost-free grease, oil and low density suspended solids to rise towards the leading section of your vertical gravity separator exactly where it flows into a grease retaining tank. Testing has confirmed that the technique has larger efficiency comparing to other equivalent machines.



  • Portable;
  • Easy to utilize;
  • Quick to clean;
  • Simple to install;
  • Superior to design and style;
  • Very low maintenance;
  • Highly competitive cost.


  • Treated water can be recycled to save fees;
  • Significantly enhanced high-quality of waste water;
  • Available within a range of flow prices (as much as 3000L/hr);
  • Reduced authority charges for wastewater top quality and quantity;
  • Fully automatic program accessible. This can be a exceptional method that continuously appears immediately after itself;
  • Major reduction inside the variety of pricey pit pump-outs. This could be reduced to two per annum in some installations;
  • Reduced drain blockages and therefore reduced plumbing expenses because of the elimination of grease and removal of solids.


On the bases of greater than 20 years' expertise, SBM is actually a experienced and world well-known beneficiation equipment manufacturer specifically the portable gravity separation plants. Lately years, our professionals are always devoting themselves on the development and production of high effective vertical gravity separator. High quality machine and considerate service are supplied to each of the shoppers. Welcome to seek the advice of us for a lot more detailed details.