Precautions for vertical roller mill operation2020-01-07

Summary:Precautions for vertical roller mill operationWhy do you need to pay attention to the vertical roller milling machine? Because the milling equipment is used for

Precautions for vertical roller mill operation

Why do you need to pay attention to the vertical roller milling machine? Because the milling equipment is used for a long time, the machine needs maintenance, and some misoperations because the operator does not use the milling equipment correctly, the milling equipment will cause abnormal operation. And other phenomena. vertical roller mill is generally used in the grinding of mineral materials in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other fields. According to the fineness of the material being milled and the fineness of the material being discharged, the mill can be divided into a longitudinal pendulum mill, a high-pressure suspension roller mill, a high-pressure micro-mill mill, a straight-through centrifugal mill, and a three-ring intermediate speed Mills Six types of mills. For each type of milling equipment, the after-sales staff will explain some operating details to the operator. A small data is not adjusted properly, which will lead to serious consequences.

What should users pay attention to while running the mill? The following SBM team explains in detail the precautions for the operation of the mill: Since the mill uses the impact and friction between the grinding roller, the grinding ring and the abrasive to crush the material, the vibration and noise of the machine are relatively large, but the sound It is uniform and there should be no abnormal sound. If abnormal sound is found or the current of the host suddenly rises but cannot fall for a long time, it should be stopped immediately for inspection; the granularity of the feed should be uniform, the speed should be appropriate, and too slow will reduce If the output is too fast, the air duct will be blocked, the machine will not work, and even serious accidents will occur.

The speed of the feeding speed can be adjusted according to the rise and fall of the motor current of the host; the material entering the host should be block-shaped. If it is powdery or there is more powder in the block, the output of the mill will be reduced; classification The motor is a frequency-converting motor. Adjust the controller's variable frequency knob to get different speeds of the classifier. The higher the speed, the finer the granularity of the finished product. Check the bearings frequently. The temperature rise exceeds 80 ° C or there is abnormal noise. Shutdown inspection; the newly installed unit should be tested first to check the correctness and reliability of the installation. The empty machine should not be tested for more than two minutes. Shutdown and check the flexibility of each component for overheating. Whether the bolts are loose or the vibration of the main unit is too large. After adjusting, you can add materials for trial production. After one hour, stop the machine to check the above items. If there are no problems, you can switch to normal production.

The vertical roller mill is a new type of vertical roller mill developed by SBM based on the traditional ultra-fine mill, after years of practice and continuous innovation and improvement. CLUM vertical roller mill covers several exclusive items such as maintenance-free grinding rollers, vertical classifiers, high-efficiency and energy-saving dust removal systems, and easy-to-maintain transmission systems. The technical indicators have been greatly improved, which is truly efficient and high-yield, and easy to maintain. A new pendulum mill with smooth operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

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