Proper maintenance to extend the service life of mining machinery2019-04-11

Summary:Proper maintenance to extend the service life of mining machineryMining machinery is a large-scale equipment. The purchase of new equipment and frequent replace

Proper maintenance to extend the service life of mining machinery

Mining machinery is a large-scale equipment. The purchase of new equipment and frequent replacement of parts and components will consume a lot of money and affect the production progress of the enterprise. Therefore, how to properly maintain the maintenance of mining equipment and extend the service life of the equipment is very important. This article SBM machine will come to analyze for you.

  • 1, to ensure normal working load
  • The size and nature of the working load of mining machinery have an important impact on the mechanical loss process. In general, the wear of the parts increases proportionally with the increase in load. When the part is subjected to a load higher than the average design load, its wear will increase. In addition, when the other conditions are the same, the stable load is less worn than the dynamic load, the failure is less, and the life is low.

    Engines operating under normal load have a lower failure rate and a longer life. On the contrary, in the case of an overloaded engine, the failure rate is significantly increased, and the life expectancy is also reduced compared to the design index. Mechanical wear that is often in a wide range of load changes is greater than that of continuous stable operation

  • 2, reduce all kinds of corrosion
  • The phenomenon that the metal surface is chemically or electrochemically affected by the surrounding medium and is destroyed is called corrosion. This corrosive effect not only affects the normal operation of the mechanical appearance equipment, but also corrodes the internal parts of the machine. For example, rainwater, chemical substances in the air enter the machine through external passages and gaps of mechanical parts, corrode the inside of mechanical parts, accelerate mechanical wear and increase mechanical failure. Because this corrosive effect is sometimes invisible and intangible, it is easily overlooked, and thus it is more harmful.

    mining equipment

    In use, management and operators should take effective measures according to the local weather conditions and air pollution at that time to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on the machinery. The key point is to prevent the intrusion of chemical components into the rainwater and air. Work in the rain.

  • 3. Reduce the impact of mechanical impurities
  • Mechanical impurities generally refer to non-metallic substances such as dust and soil, and some metal chips and wear products produced by mining machinery during use. Once these impurities enter the inside of the machine and reach the mating surface of the machine, the hazard is great. It not only causes the relative movement to block, accelerates the wear of the parts, but also scratches the mating surface, destroys the lubricating film, and raises the temperature of the parts. High, lubricating oil deteriorates.

    For mining machinery working in harsh environments and complex conditions, one must use high-quality, supporting parts and lubricants, grease to block the source of harmful impurities; second, do the mechanical protection work at the work site to ensure The corresponding mechanism can work normally to prevent various impurities from entering the inside of the machine. For faulty machinery, try to repair it at a regular repair site. When repairing on site, protective measures should also be taken to prevent parts replaced during on-site repair from being contaminated by impurities such as dust before entering the machine.

  • 4, reduce the impact of temperature
  • In the work, the temperature of each component has its own normal range. For example, the temperature of the general cooling water is 80-90 ° C, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic transmission system is 30-60 ° C. Below or above this range will accelerate the wear of the parts, causing deterioration of the lubricating oil, resulting in changes in material properties and the like.

    In the process of using mining machinery, it is necessary to prevent overload operation at low temperature, ensure normal operation in the low-speed pre-warming stage, and then drive or work after the machine reaches the specified temperature. Do not ignore the important role because there is no problem at that time; Second, we must prevent the machine from running at high temperature. During the operation of the machine, it is necessary to check the values ​​on various thermometers frequently. When the problem is found, the machine is immediately stopped for inspection, and the fault is found to be eliminated in time. For reasons that cannot be found for a while, it must not be treated without any treatment.

In the usual work, pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system. For water-cooled machinery, it must be checked before daily work to add cooling water. For air-cooled machinery, the dust on the air-cooled system should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth air circulation.

Proper maintenance and maintenance is the prerequisite for extending the service life of mining machinery. SBM Machine hopes that every user can gently care for your equipment. Proper maintenance will greatly extend their service life and bring you more benefits.

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