The new high-end pulverized coal vertical roller mill2020-01-03

Summary:The new high-end pulverized coal vertical roller millFor coal powder processing and production, SBM heavy machinery has rich case experience. As a powder proces

The new high-end pulverized coal vertical roller mill

For coal powder processing and production, SBM heavy machinery has rich case experience. As a powder processing equipment manufacturer, SBM heavy machinery has accumulated rich experience in R & D and manufacturing. The contracted coal powder processing cases run smoothly and have reliable performance. It has a great profit value and is an ideal choice for large-scale milling processing. As for the pulverized coal vertical roller mill, SBM heavy machinery is a professional and concentrated high-quality manufacturer. The principle and selection of the pulverized coal vertical roller mill supplied are scientific and reasonable, and are well received and praised. Coal mainly includes lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite, and semi-anthracite. The value of different types of coal is also different. For example, anthracite is mainly used as a gasification raw material (fixed bed gasification furnace) for the production of ammonia, civilian fuels and briquettes; lean coal is mainly used for power generation and power station boiler fuels; Lean lean coal can also be used in power generation, civil fuel for power station boilers, and so on. Fertilizer coal generally has a high sulfur content and is mainly used for coking (some high-ash and high-sulfur fertilizer coal is used to generate electricity). Changyan coal is mainly used for power generation, fuel for power station boilers, etc. Lignite, all low and medium grade coal, is characterized by high moisture, high oxygen content (about 15% -30%), and contains some humic acid. Mainly used for power generation and gasification. Gas-fertilized coal is suitable for coking with city gas and coking with other coals to increase the output of by-products such as gas and tar. For the processing and production of pulverized coal, the SBM heavy machine has accumulated rich experience. Pulverized coal is a flammable and explosive object. Therefore, special processes need to be added to enhance the anti-explosion performance in the processing and production. Successful pulverized coal vertical roller mills effectively solve this difficult problem and help pulverized coal achieve greater value.

SBM heavy-duty pulverized coal vertical roller mill adopts a new open circuit system to prevent the occurrence of spontaneous combustion of coal by adding anti-static treatment and explosion-proof equipment. It can make coal powder have the advantages of fine particle size, sufficient combustion effect, desulfurization and dust removal, etc. It has important practical significance for enhancing the application value of pulverized coal. This equipment integrates drying, grinding, classification and conveying. It has high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with the ball mill, the energy consumption is 40% -50% lower. The roller sleeve can be turned upside down to extend the resistance. Service life of grinding materials; equipped with an automatic control system, which can realize remote control and easy operation. The workshop can basically realize unmanned operation, unified overall sealing, full negative pressure operation, no dust overflow, and basically can achieve a dust-free workshop. Roller sealing device, more reliable sealing, no need to seal the fan, further reduce the oxygen content in the mill, and the explosion suppression performance is more excellent.

Pulverized coal vertical roller mill process: The motor drives the reducer to drive the grinding disc to rotate. The material moves under the action of centrifugal force to the periphery of the grinding disc and enters between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. Under the pressure of the grinding roller, the material is squeezed, ground and sheared The crushed powder is crushed by force, and the pulverized powder is blown to the classifier above the host machine for sieving by the air flow of the blower. Those with too large particle size still fall into the host machine and regrind. The finished product is discharged through the powder outlet pipe, and the purified air flows into the blower through the pipe on the pulse collector and is discharged into the atmosphere.

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