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Summary:Sand making machine purchase, you need to pay attention to the pointSand making machine is pebble, granite and other materials with the same hardness sand makin

Sand making machine purchase, you need to pay attention to the point

Sand making machine is pebble, granite and other materials with the same hardness sand making equipment, the equipment in the process of making sand, the sand can complete the task, and the sand can reach the most satisfactory level of user satisfaction, As technology continues to improve, the device in the function and use of greater improvement and innovation, then how to buy high quality sand making machine? What to look for when buying sand making machine?

Sand making machine purchase points

In order to buy high-quality sand making machine, it is necessary to carefully compare the process of buying the sand making machine purchase points are mainly the following aspects:

  • 1, look at the appearance
  • The appearance of the device is the user's first impression, and its level of excellence is of critical importance to the user. SBM Heavy Industries used a one-time stamping process to build the casing of the sand making machine, so its appearance Very smooth, easy to wear, compared to the earlier equipment, the device from the appearance is very easy to attract the attention of users.

  • 2, see the performance
  • Good performance can make the device play more advantages and functions, however, the stability of the operating status of the device is an effective measure of its performance is the only standard of excellence, from the structural design of the device we can see its inherent advantages, It is not difficult to see that the excellent performance and stability of equipment performance in this process has been fully reflected.

  • 3, see the configuration
  • As we all know, the configuration of high-end equipment more easily get the user's approval and favor, SBM Heavy Industries preferred to use high-profile components to conduct a reasonable development, so its comprehensive configuration is very high, high-configuration equipment to maximize the play The use of space and the value of use, so as to create more revenue for users.

  • 4, see the quality
  • Quality is both quality and high quality equipment to ensure strict quality control so that its quality is more secure. SBM has the most complete quality management department, so our quality management system is complete and we can do it. On the strict quality control, so our sand machine equipment longer life.

Sand production line how to save costs?

Sand production line has been in full swing in progress, different stone hardness, different processing environments, different requirements of the output of stone production lines are limited to the cost of sand production line in the production of how to maximize the cost savings?

A complete sand production line usually consists of the following equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, shaker, conveyor and other mining machinery and equipment.

Sand making machine purchase points

The cost of the production line is divided into two pieces, one is the cost of investment, which is the cost of buying equipment, according to their own stone hardness, feed size, material fineness, particle shape to determine the cost of the equipment.

Another refers to the cost of production, which is operating costs, according to the total power of equipment, wearing parts replacement cycle.

Different user ideas and ideals are not the same, in general, entering the mining machinery users in this industry, due to their small capital, lack of experience and other related factors, in general, are using the economic form of equipment, is to let the production line equipment Cheaper, even if the operating costs are higher, some lower yield are acceptable, so after its development for some time, make money and then replace the new equipment, and then consider the operation of the cost of things.

The large users, then it is different, mainly the production requirements, operating costs, rather than very concerned about the purchase price of the device itself.

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