Sand making machine widely used in antimony re-election process2019-04-11

Summary:Sand making machine widely use in antimony re-election processAntimony ore beneficiation methods are many flotation, re-election, hand selection and other miner

Sand making machine widely use in antimony re-election process

Antimony ore beneficiation methods are many flotation, re-election, hand selection and other mineral processing methods. No matter what kind of beneficiation process, antimony ore needs to be crushed and broken and grinding and other links. The new sand making machine we produce from SBM is the best equipment to break the antimony ore.

Antimony ore is a mineral containing antimony metal. The use of antimony ore is mainly used for the production of antimony products. Antimony is used as a component of other alloys to increase its hardness and strength. Such as battery plates, bearing alloys, printing alloys (lead), solder, cable sheath and bullets contain antimony. Tin-antimony alloy sheet can be used for stamping die. High-purity antimony is a doping element of semiconductor silicon and germanium. Antimony white (antimony trioxide) is one of the main uses of antimony, antimony white is an important raw material for enamel, paint white pigments and flame retardants. Antimony sulfide (antimony pentasulfide) is a rubber red pigment. Antimony (antimony trisulfide) Used to produce matches and smoke. Today we take the re-election of antimony ore beneficiation process as an example, for you a detailed introduction of SBM sand making machine equipment in iron ore beneficiation in a wide range of applications. Re-election for the majority of antimony ore beneficiation are applicable, because the antimony minerals are dense, coarse particles of the mineral, easy to use re-election method and gangue separation. In conclusion, both the single antimony sulfide ore and the sulfide-oxide mixed antimony ore have better reselection conditions. And the re-election cost is low, but also in the coarser range of particle size sorting a large number of qualified coarse ore concentrate, discard a large amount of waste rock, so re-election method is still antimony ore beneficiaries are happy to adopt the method. Antimony re-election equipment mainly refers to the jig, and sometimes also use the shaker.

Antimony ore in the re-election before the need to go through crushing mill grinding and other processes. SBM new sand making equipment can effectively crush finely divided iron ore, enhance the production efficiency of the entire antimony ore crushing process, and then enhance the overall benefit of the entire antimony ore beneficiation production line. From the antimony ore production efficiency and cost, the use of new SBM sand making machine (sand blasting machine) can effectively reduce production costs. Because the new sand making machine can provide smaller product particle size, it is the most economical way to finish the main crushing task of iron ore from the overall process. SBM sand making machine has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Working noise below 75 decibels, less dust pollution. Widely used in iron ore, copper ore, gold transport ore, wood ore, lead-zinc ore, tungsten ore, manganese ore and other hard, medium and abrasive materials crushing and roughing operations. It is the ideal crushing equipment that is indispensable for the major dressing production lines.

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Heavy medium beneficiation often antimony ore pre-selected operations. Practice has proved that, in addition to crystal structure containing antimony ore, can be used heavy medium beneficiation. The difficulty of heavy medium beneficiation is to increase the choice of medium, medium preparation and recovery. Used as a heavy agent of material, practice shows that: Grinding plant steel jade scrap (ferrosilicon) is more ideal. The magnetic material content of the material is 70-98%, the chemical composition is mainly silicon and iron, after concentrator media preparation system grinding to less than 74 microns accounted for 98% weighting agent, the medium density is maintained at about 2.65 g / cm3 It is entirely possible and easy to recycle. SBM new sand making equipment is to promote antimony ore re-election production line process efficiency, improve efficiency to force assistant.

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