Sand Preparation Production Line Plan Configuration Prerequisites2019-04-11

Summary:Sand Preparation Production Line Plan Configuration PrerequisitesThe sand making production line mainly uses a series of crushing and sand making equipment to c

Sand Preparation Production Line Plan Configuration Prerequisites

The sand making production line mainly uses a series of crushing and sand making equipment to crush various stones and produce sand aggregates that can meet the needs of various industries. Different sand making machine equipment configuration is different, but no matter what kind of production line configuration, there are basic prerequisites. What are the prerequisites for configuring a sand production line?

  • 1. Understand material properties and requirements
  • Before configuring the sand-sanding production line, it is first necessary to clarify the nature of the material to be processed, such as the density, hardness, and size of the stone. According to the characteristics of the broken material, hardness, size, etc. to consider what kind of crusher, sand making machine, crushing sand making equipment selection in addition to the hardness of the stone can be broken, but also consider the size of the feed port, so as not to Stones can't go in, jam equipment or broken, affecting the rate of sand formation.

  • 2, understand the production requirements
  • sand making machine

    Understand the characteristics of broken materials, but also need to understand the production of sand production line. According to the size of the output, a suitable crushing and sand making equipment can be configured to meet the demand. The jaw crusher, the sand making machine, the vibrating screen and other equipments should cooperate and coordinate with each other to achieve the best production effect. For example, the Jaw Crusher configured has a large output, while the sand making machine model is too small, which can cause stacking. If the jaw crusher model is small, the sand making machine is indeed a large model, which will result in a waste of production capacity. Only a perfectly configured production line can achieve optimal production efficiency and reasonably reduce production costs.

  • 3. Understand your economic strength
  • When the economic base determines the superstructure and the sand production line is configured, different production lines should be selected according to their investment strength. Do not blindly purchase, is the best for their own, users need to configure according to their actual purchasing power.

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