Can a sand production line produce a variety of sandstones?2019-04-11

Summary:Can a sand production line produce a variety of sandstones?The sand production line is a special production line equipment for the production of sand and stone

Can a sand production line produce a variety of sandstones?

The sand production line is a special production line equipment for the production of sand and stone for construction. It is 50% more energy efficient than traditional sand making machine. It can make rocks, sandstone, river pebble and other materials into various particle sizes that meet the requirements of construction sand. The sand made by the sand production line has uniform grain size and high compressive strength, far more than natural sand and ordinary hammer sanding. The sand produced by the machine is more in line with the building requirements and can improve the building quality.

During the working process of the sand making production line, the large stone material silo is evenly fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, and the coarsely crushed stone material is sent to the cone crusher by the belt conveyor (or impact crushing) The machine is crushed, and the crushed stone is sent to the vibrating screen for screening by the belt conveyor. The finished sand (under the sieve) is sent to the sand washing machine by the belt conveyor and then sent to the finished material through the belt conveyor. Heap; large granular stone (sand on the sieve) is sent to the vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) by the belt conveyor for fine crushing. The finely crushed stone is again sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, thus forming a closed circuit. Secondary cycle.

The sand production line is defined according to the type of discharge. The finished products include stone and artificial sand, so it is also called sand and gravel production line. It is equivalent to the combination of stone production line and sand production line. In raw materials factories such as road construction and construction, it is often necessary to have a public production line for sand and gravel materials. Such sand and gravel production line equipment can meet the requirements for simultaneous production of stone and artificial sand. It is mainly composed of four major systems: feeding system, crushing system, screening system and conveying system.

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  • 1: Feeding system
  • The function of this system is that part of the crusher and screening machine are raw materials; according to the crushing and screening process. The way the material is knotted is also different. In the primary crusher feed gate, there is typically a separate branch line for the purpose of breaking the raw ore into the cavity. Large, usable heavy plate feeders with a larger feed size; heavy duty loaders can also be used until the train enters the feed hopper directly. Ore size and available hours, belt feeder. The most widely used ones are usually vibrating feeders. In the fine crusher and screening machine, in order to ensure the uniformity of feeding, it is also necessary to configure an appropriate feeding decoration. In actual production, this function is carried out by a belt conveyor.

  • 2: crushing system
  • The crushing system is the heart of a collection of stone production line equipment. Its job is to break the mineral material into small pieces with small particle size, and the combined crushing and screening production line can have more than one crusher. Various crushing machines of different natures.

  • 3: Screening system
  • The crushed small size ore must be classified by a screening machine and then completed. Another function of the screen is to pre-screen.

  • 4: conveyor system
  • The crushing and screening equipment room in the conveyor system serves three purposes. It is transferred between various sand and gravel screening equipment; secondly, in a closed circuit, used for stone return; the final finished material is transferred to different locations according to different grades.

    If the sand production line wants to produce different sandstones, it must be equipped with different crushing systems and screening systems so that the required sandstone can be produced.

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