The demand for sand making machine equipment in the construction of new rural areas in China will in

The demand for sand making machine equipment in the construction of new rural areas in China will increase

In recent years, China's urbanization, new rural areas and industrialized construction have been carried out at a relatively fast pace. The high energy consumption and low power consumption of the construction industry have become the most outstanding prevention. Therefore, vigorously carrying out green construction with environmental protection, ecology and low-carbon concept is the core concept of building materials profession. Due to the demand for new rural development buildings, the demand for artificial sand is a new point. The development of infrastructure is related to the ability to resist natural disasters, so the requirements for artificial sand are particularly strict. Sand and stone are the most commonly used bulk materials in architecture. Due to the different lithology and different production processes, the content of stone powder and its influence on concrete are also different. If the powdered and mud content of the artificial sand still poses a serious hazard to the concrete building. Therefore, high quality sand and gravel aggregate is very important for the construction of new countryside in China. The production of high quality sand and gravel aggregates is inseparable from advanced sand making equipment. In order to make the sand making machine lay a solid foundation in the construction of new countryside in our country, our company has researched and researched a new high-efficiency sand making machine developed by foreign advanced technology - VSI new sand making machine, which is more traditional than sand casting machine. The sand making machine saves 50% energy. It can make all kinds of rocks, sandstones and river pebbles with construction sand of various grain sizes. The sand has uniformity of plasmid and high compressive strength, which is far more consistent with the sand produced by natural sand and ordinary hammer sander. Requirements can improve the quality of the building. The equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high work efficiency. The sand produced by the equipment is in the form of a cube, which is in line with the standard for building sandstone aggregates and small sand making machines.


The sand making machine has advanced design, multi-purpose machine, and has many functions such as broken fine crushing sand and stone shaping. It has large processing capacity, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The impact sand making machine has become a new assistant of pyrite ore dressing plant. Low consumption of consumable parts - the optimal design of the impact angle of the crushing chamber material, less friction with the wear parts, 30% lower than the operating cost of the traditional equipment, directly reducing the cost of equipment use. It can save investment cost for sandstone aggregate construction in new rural construction; it is made of cubic particles, which increases the contact area with concrete and improves the pressure resistance; high productivity, wearable parts and wear, saving construction Energy has promoted the development of green and environmental protection in the construction of new rural areas.

Our company's VSI new sand making machine, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, European version jaw crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and other sandstone production line equipment, can be satisfied with various Coarse, medium and fine material crushing operations. We can also equip the production line of high quality sand and gravel production line according to the various needs of users, and can recycle the building materials resources reasonably, complete the resource saving and environmental protection with maximum power, and supply high quality sandstone bone for the construction of new rural areas in China. material.

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