Several types of construction waste crusher

Due to the different construction materials and the nature of the material is also very different, in order to meet the needs of practical work, construction waste crusher type is varied. The construction waste crusher used in the construction waste crusher may be distinguished by its work object or structure and working principle.

First, according to the job object can be divided into the following three:

  • 1, coarse crusher for the first piece of large pieces of material broken, construction waste crushing machinery can handle the maximum block diameter of more than lm, mainly crushing method to crush. Crushing ratio is not large, generally less than 6.
  • 2, the size of the material processed in the crusher is usually not more than 350mm, mainly crushing or crushing method for crushing. Because this type of crusher usually includes crushing operations, including crushing is relatively large, generally 3 to 20, individual up to 30 or more.
  • 3, fine grinding machine for grinding particle size of 2 ~ 60mm material particles, the product size does not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, the smallest up to 0.1mm below the crushing ratio of more than 1000.

Second, in accordance with the structure and working principle of the different, commonly used crusher has the following main types:

  • 1, jaw crusher It is to rely on the activities of the jaw to do cyclical reciprocating motion, will be added to the two jaws between the material crushed.
  • 2, cone crusher outer cone is fixed, the construction waste recycling equipment cone is eccentric shaft (or eccentric sleeve) with eccentric rotation, the material between the two cone by the pressure and bending force and broken.
  • 3, the roller crusher material in two parallel to each other and the direction of rotation between the rollers were squeezed (light roller), or by extrusion splitting (tooth roller) and broken. Such as the number of revolutions of the two rollers there are some grinding effect.
  • 4, hammer crusher block by the impact of high-speed rotating hammer and the block itself to high-speed fixed to the liner on the impact and broken.
  • 5, wheel mill material in the disk was rotating cylindrical grinding wheel crushed and ground.

In addition to the above mechanical crushing method, the current has been broken with electricity, its working principle is: in the high-voltage circuit, put a pair of appropriate gap metal needle, after the high voltage, the pulse of high pressure spark discharge , Resulting in ultra-high voltage, leaving the material in the water to break.

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