Lubrication, sealing, assembly details of vertical grinding bearings2019-12-31

Summary:Lubrication, sealing, assembly details of vertical grinding bearingsSBM Heavy Machinery introduces some details about the bearings of the vertical grinding acce

Lubrication, sealing, assembly details of vertical grinding bearings

SBM Heavy Machinery introduces some details about the bearings of the vertical grinding accessories. Although the bearing is a small part of the vertical grinding, these details are also minor problems, but it is often these details that determine a set of equipment The running effect is good or bad, so everyone should pay special attention to it. In the following, the SBM heavy machine explains the specific operations of the lubrication, sealing and assembly details of the vertical roller mill bearings:

Assembly requirements for vertical grinding bearings:

First, the fit between the bearing ring and the shaft should be interference fit, and the fit between the outer ring and the bearing hole should be a tighter transition fit.

Second, for bearings with higher speeds, the coaxiality deviation should be smaller, and it is recommended to control within 0.01. Third, the reasonable bearing clearance is adopted to ensure the rigidity, rotation accuracy and bearing capacity of the bearing, thereby extending the bearing life.

Fourth, the use of high-precision bearings can reduce the centrifugal additional force applied to the bearings when the rotor rotates at high speed, and can also ensure high speed.

Force analysis and selection of bearings in vertical grinding:

In the high-speed impact motion of the bearing, the lower bearing must not only bear the normal circumferential force and the belt tension, but also the gravity of the entire rotor. Radial force angular contact ball bearings. While the upper bearing only bears radial force, a deep groove ball bearing with low price but high rotation accuracy and high limiting speed can be selected.

Selection of bearing lubrication method:

At present, the rolling mill bearings commonly used in the world are rolling bearings. There are three types of lubrication methods: grease lubrication, thin oil lubrication and solid lubrication. The general lubrication method is determined based on the speed factor of the bearing rotation. However, since the thin oil lubrication method is more comprehensive and effective, and the sealing is convenient, and the replacement cycle is long, the thin oil lubrication is a mature and practical bearing lubrication method.

Seals for vertical grinding bearings:

Sealing plays a vital role in preventing the "three leaks" of mechanical products, ensuring the normal lubrication action of the equipment and safe operation. Vertical roller mills have higher requirements for seals, especially for roller bearings. The oil seal is located between the stationary and rotating parts. It is a dynamic seal element used to prevent lubricant leakage and prevent foreign dust, materials and other impurities from entering the bearing chamber. It has a simple structure and good sealing performance. The dynamic performance and other characteristics, so it is widely used in vertical roller mill roller bearing seals.

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