Vertical mills promote the development of modern concrete mixing plants

Vertical mills promote the development of modern concrete mixing plants

The Vertical roller mill is a grinding equipment that integrates fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. It is widely used in various solid materials such as cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and non-metallic minerals. Grinding and ultrafine grinding. Due to the late start of industrialization in China, the research on Vertical roller mill is far less than that in western developed countries. Therefore, the domestic Vertical roller mill introduces the German Vertical roller mill technology, inherits the advantages of stable and easy control of the tire roller mill, and is efficient and safe. In the historical stage of the modern concrete mixing station in the country, it is more suitable for many large concrete mixing stations.

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In recent years, China's urbanization process has been rapid, and urban renewal projects have also been carried out relatively quickly. The ready-mixed concrete has been promoted by the government and has been rapidly developed and promoted in the concrete market. The corresponding concrete mixing plant has also been realized. rapid development. It is in this situation that the Vertical roller mill is gradually introduced from abroad to the domestic large-scale concrete mixing plant.

Nowadays, the operation mode of domestic concrete mixing plant has been relatively advanced. Basically, two parallel operation modes are adopted. The highly accurate automatic control system requires strict requirements for each production process. The Vertical roller mill is used as a modern large-scale milling machine. Machine equipment, modern operation mode and digital control system are its main technical features. In terms of technical fit, concrete mixing plants, especially modern concrete mixing plants, should use Vertical roller mills.

Now the accurate measurement of materials in concrete mixing station has strict requirements on aggregate, cement, water and additives. In the production process, Vertical roller mill can adjust the moisture control of material and the fineness and output of the material. The entire concrete processing process provides a convenient fit. It can be said that the Vertical roller mill and the modern concrete mixing plant complement each other and constitute the entire production mode of modern ready-mixed concrete.

The powerful function of the Vertical roller mill has promoted the progress of China's urbanization and industrialization, and is also an important reason for becoming a leader in the industry. At present, the development of China's Vertical roller mills should focus on the development of independent brands and independent research, in order to truly guarantee the mastery of core technologies and promote the development of China's industry.

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