Vertical roller mill equipment promotes the advancement of limestone2019-10-11

Summary:The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are used extensively as building materials and are important raw materials for many industries.

Vertical roller mill equipment promotes the advancement of limestone

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are used extensively as building materials and are important raw materials for many industries. Limestone can be directly processed into stone and fired into quicklime. Lime has quicklime and slaked lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, which is generally in the form of a block, pure white, and pale gray or yellowish when it contains impurities. Quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become hydrated lime. Slaked lime is also called slaked lime. Its main component is Ca(OH)2. The slaked lime is formulated into a lime slurry, a lime paste, a lime mortar, etc., and is used as a coating material and a tile adhesive. Limestone has a great effect. It has a wide range of applications in plastics, rubber, sealing adhesive materials, coatings, inks, and papermaking. Many times when limestone is used to process products, it needs to be calcined at high temperature before being broken. After grinding by the vertical roller mill, it is necessary to carefully select the mill equipment. In modern times, large machines require not only energy saving, energy consumption, but more importantly, environmental protection. Clean, no pollution to the environment, then the selection of high-quality vertical roller mill equipment is essential.

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SBM Heavy Machinery is a manufacturer of independent research and development of vertical roller mill grinding machine equipment. Its equipment is specialized in ore products, including calcite mill, limestone mill, calcium carbonate mill, dolomite mill. , mica stone mill, are mainly suitable for the ultra-fine powder processing of non-inflammable and explosive brittle materials with medium and low hardness and Mohs hardness ≤6. The fine powder finished product size is between 325-3000 mesh. Adjusted, the output can reach 0.4-4.5 tons per hour. Not only has the function been improved on the original basis, but the efficiency has also been greatly improved, the energy consumption has been reduced a lot, and the environmental protection is clean and the pollution to the environment is reduced to a low point.


Limestone finished product processing process: limestone with a particle size of 20-40mm is transported from the mine to the plant area and piled up in the material yard. After the material is washed, the material is sent to the belt conveyor through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to the upper part of the discharge silo. The qualified limestone is stored in a silo, lifted by a hoist and transported to the top silo of the preheater. At the top of the preheater, the feed amount is controlled by two upper and lower level gauges, and then the limestone is evenly distributed to each chamber of the preheater through the discharge pipe. The limestone is heated by the kiln flue gas at 1150 °C to about 900 °C in the preheater, about 30% decomposition, pushed into the rotary kiln by hydraulic push rod, and the limestone is decomposed into CaO and CO2 by sintering in the rotary kiln. The limestone formed after decomposition enters the cooler, and the cold air that is blown in the cooler is cooled to 100 ° C and discharged. The heat exchanged 600 ° C hot air enters the kiln and gas mixed combustion. The exhaust gas enters the bag filter through the induced draft fan, and then enters the chimney through the exhaust fan. The lime of the cooler is sent to the lime product warehouse through the vibrating feeder, the chain bucket conveyor, the bucket elevator, and the belt conveyor. Whether to perform screening and other processes according to customer requirements.

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