Vertical sand making machine

Vertical sand making machine

First, the working principle

The vertical sand making machine is a new type of fine crushed and coarsely ground products which are developed by integrating the advanced technology of similar crushers at home and abroad, optimizing the main technical parameters and improving the structural characteristics. The working principle of the vertical sand making machine is to insert the block material from the hopper into the feeding tray in the upper crushing chamber, and throw the material to the inner wall of the cylinder by the centrifugal force of the feeding tray, and the counterattack plate installed on the inner wall is fierce. Collision, at the same time, the materials collide with each other to break or generate a large number of cracks. After the material enters the conical rotor cavity, it spirals in a semi-drop shape in the conical space. After punching and pressing, the cracked material is further broken due to the cone. The inclination of the rotor and the lining plate causes the smaller material to move down, and the graded crushing is automatically realized from large to small. The material is struck by the hammer in the conical rotor cavity, and the high-speed running block material collides with the counter-attack plate again, and the material flows collide with each other to pulverize the material in multiple stages, thereby improving the crushing efficiency.

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Second, the scope of application

The vertical sand making machine is combined with internal and external crushing technology to optimize the design of main structural parameters. It is mainly used for crushing cement raw materials and clinker in medium-sized cement plants. It is a technical transformation of cement plant or a new cement production line, which is broken for cement plants. Provides an ideal fine crushing device. It is also suitable for the crushing of other medium hard ores such as iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, lump coal.

Third, the characteristics

  • 1. The vertical sand making machine has a large ratio, the maximum feeding granularity is 100-180mm, and the discharging granularity is less than 3mm, accounting for more than 90%.
  • 2. High energy utilization rate and low power consumption per unit of output.
  • 3. Used in conjunction with Raymond mill, the mill output can be increased by 30%-40%, and the system power consumption is reduced by 20%-30%.
  • 4. The wearing parts are made of high wear-resistant alloy material with low wear and long service life.
  • 5. Smooth operation, good sealing performance, less dust and low noise.
  • 6. Simple structure, easy operation, small floor space, convenient installation and maintenance.

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