What are the factors that affect the fineness of the mill?

What are the factors that affect the fineness of the mill?

The failure of the Vertical roller mill discharge to meet the industry standards means the failure of the finished product. This is not only a serious waste of raw material resources, but also an important factor that increases the production cost of the enterprise and affects the cooperation between enterprises. Therefore, the grinding condition and the fineness of the discharge of the Vertical roller mill must be strictly controlled.

The following is a summary of the factors affecting the fineness of the SBM heavy machine, and hope to give some users some inspiration.


Reason one: rotor speed adjustment is not appropriate

In order to improve the uniformity of the finished material, the Vertical roller mill adopts the principle of multi-head powder selection for grading. Each rotor can be frequency-controlled, and the adjustment of the rotor speed plays an important role in controlling the fineness of discharge. Therefore, if the Vertical roller mill discharge is too thick, the rotor portion can be re-adjusted in a targeted manner.

Reason 2: Small grinding pressure

The grinding pressure of the grinding principle of the Vertical roller mill is mainly from the pressing force of the grinding ring and the grinding ring on the material. The grinding pressure is small and the grinding degree of the material is low, and the finished product will be coarser. Therefore, in the milling production line, the host model and power should be reasonably selected to ensure that the crushing force of the grinding roller meets the requirements.

Reason three: wear of parts

The vertical running time of the Vertical roller mill is about 11 hours. During the long-term material contact, the parts such as the blade of the powder selection device, the grinding roller and the disc liner are subjected to various impact forces and the degree of wear is high. Certain influence.

Therefore, SBM heavy machine recommends that you check and repair the regular counter mills in a timely manner, find out the problems in time, and replace some damaged parts that are not suitable for further work, so that all aspects can be operated normally without affecting the whole machine. The effect is used to ensure the accuracy of our Vertical roller mill grinding fineness.

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