What equipment is used for hard rock crushing and sand making?

What equipment is used for hard rock crushing and sand making?

In recent years, the development prospects of the mechanism sand market have been relatively optimistic. With the help of the policies of “One Belt, One Road” and “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, China’s construction and transportation have begun to increase investment, and the required sand and gravel aggregates are increasingly Many, using hard rock as a mechanical sand material, has become a good choice. So what is the problem with hard rock crushing sand? This article will introduce you.

First, a brief introduction to the concept of hard rock

There are so many kinds of rocks in nature, so how do you distinguish hard rock? Generally, it can be judged by saturated uniaxial compressive strength, a rock of >60 MPa is called hard rock, and a rock of between 30-60 is hard rock. For example: granite, diorite, basalt, limestone, marble, sedimentary rock, quartzite, slate, dolomite, limestone, gneiss, etc. are called hard rock. After crushing and sand processing, Very good application to highways, bridges, municipal construction, airport runways, railways and many other fields.


Second, hard rock crushing sand processing equipment

The hard rock crushing and sand making machine is generally divided into two sections of crushing and one section of sand making. Due to the hard rock texture, the general crusher is slightly difficult to handle. In actual crushing and sand making operations, it is required to consume higher costs. In response to this, SBM Heavy Industry Technical Engineer designed and produced high-efficiency multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with excellent technology to reduce wear and improve efficiency. It is aimed at the principle of laminating crushing, adopting the concept of multi-grinding and grinding, and its operation is stable. High crushing efficiency, energy saving, excellent product grain size, convenient clearance, strong crushing ability, safety and environmental protection, can meet the different requirements of hard rock secondary crushing.

In addition, in the crushing of hard rock, it is also necessary to use a jaw crusher, a VSI sand making machine, a circular vibrating screen, a sand washing machine, etc. These devices have unique functions and are indispensable and important values.

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