What is the problem with the temperature of the Raymond mill?

What is the problem with the temperature of the Raymond mill?

The temperature of the Raymond mill is too high, including the fan motor heating and the bearing temperature is too high. When the user is facing a problem with the Raymond mill, the first reason is to find out the cause of the temperature rise, and then the right medicine.

  • 1. Check whether the extension pipeline is unobstructed, whether the viscosity and grade of the oil meet the requirements.
  • 2. The grinding roller device should be refueled in time according to the regulations, and cleaned regularly to replace the oil seal.
  • 3. The bearings of the grinding roller grinding ring should be refueled regularly.
  • 4, the bearing room temperature can not exceed 70 ° C, if the bearing temperature is too high, immediately remove the cleaning bearings and bearing chambers and other accessories to clean once.
  • 5, fan heating may be caused by high wind pressure, sometimes we will unconsciously encounter the fan equipment in the production, so that the fan wind pressure changes cause the motor to heat. This also reminds us not to arbitrarily change the equipment in production.
  • 6, there is the reason for the equipment itself, such as the quality is not off, of course, this requires manufacturers to carefully select when buying.


Many problems that Raymond mills have in daily production are caused by improper maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out regular maintenance to ensure the longevity of the equipment.

The milling industry is a industry with large powder pollution, so the Raymond mill used in the production of processed powders will achieve no dust pollution. Moreover, the development direction of the environmental protection of Raymond mill industry has always been advocated by the government. The current status of resources and environment requires us to take the green road of environmental protection in the future ore milling equipment industry. To achieve green environmental protection, we need not only mining enterprises and governments. The efforts of the department also require the cooperation of various departments of the society. For example, Raymond mill equipment should be environmentally friendly. Dust removal facilities should be installed during the mining process. The crushing, ore dressing, recycling of waste after mining, and backfilling of the pit, green Planting of vegetation, etc.

Step by step, we found that green environmental protection is not planting trees in the mining area, but to raise the connotation of green environmental protection to a new level of beautiful environment, resource conservation and social harmony. Therefore, in order to realize the green and environmentally friendly production methods of the ore milling industry as soon as possible, while improving product quality and improving production efficiency, attention should also be paid to reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution of Raymond mill equipment, achieving energy conservation, environmental protection and low efficiency. Consumption, try to achieve green production to achieve sustainable development.

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