Which crushers are generally used in the stone field sand production line?

Which crushers are generally used in the stone field sand production line?

In general, the complete equipment configuration of the stone factory production line is mainly composed of a crusher, a sand making machine, a feeder, a screening machine, a sand washing machine, etc., each of which is connected with a belt conveyor. The whole production line, the aggregate of gravel aggregate is excellent and uniform, and the finished product can be applied to fields such as construction and highway.

  • 1, coarse crushing equipment: such as jaw crusher, impact crusher and other crushing equipment. Since all materials must be broken before the sandstone is manufactured, the particle size is uniform and meets the requirements of the next process. Materials that do not meet the requirements should continue to be broken and directly meet the requirements.
  • 2, fine crushing equipment: fine crusher or high-efficiency fine crusher If the scrap can be sent from the feeder to the fine crusher for further fine crushing and fine crushing, the impact should be a circular vibrating screen, such as with the sand making machine If it meets, it should be screened. It will return to the crusher and continue to smash.
  • 3, sand making equipment: sand making equipment is a very critical equipment, it affects the effect of the finished product display. Our technicians recommend the use of two sanders with a crushing principle. According to the hardness, clogging degree and density of the material, different pulverization principles are selected to make the product more uniform without excessive cracks or excessive particle size.
  • 4, sand washing equipment: Under normal circumstances, use a sand washing machine, evenly put it into the sand washing machine to clean the sand. Clean sand can be packaged directly and shipped to major industries.

Sand aggregate production line

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Typically, crushing equipment for sand and gravel production typically requires two stages of coarse and fine crushing. Jaw crushers are commonly used for coarse crushing, impact crushers and cone crushers for secondary crushing, and impact crushers are commonly used for fine crushing. The basic process is as follows: The vibrating feeder feeds the ore evenly into the jaw crusher. Part of it is crushed with a jaw crusher and the crushed stone is about 150 mm to 300 mm. The material is sent to a backflush or hammer to break through the vibratory feeder, the material is sorted and sieved through a circular vibrating screen, and the material larger than the finished product is returned to backflushing and broken again. In the case of finer particle size, stones below 40 mm can be sent to the sand mill, and the finished product can be sieved with a circular vibrating sieve. After cleaning the belt conveyor with a sand washer, the finished product can be placed. Complete the area.

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