Why are some sand making lines inefficient?2019-06-18

Summary:The current industry is most concerned with efficiency issues

Why are some sand making lines inefficient?

The current industry is most concerned with efficiency issues, and efficiency is also directly related to how much production and processing can bring benefits to enterprises. Benefits directly affect the future trend of a manufacturer. It's like a chain of interlocking chains that are intertwined. Therefore, many bosses pay great attention to the efficiency of enterprises, especially for the industrial industry. Today, SBM Machinery will give you a brief introduction to the sand production line industry that has made great contributions to the modern construction industry. See what problems traditional industries encounter in production and see how they are solved.


There are many reasons for the low production efficiency of the sand production line. It may be a problem with the sand making machine, or it may be a property problem of the material itself or some situation in the production environment. So today, SBM Machinery is coming for everyone. Simply analyze how to solve these problems when they encounter these problems and ensure the high efficiency of the sand production line. The production environment and the use of equipment have many factors to be determined when the sand making machine is installed. Therefore, the installation of the sand making machine is to be installed by a professional or a technician of the sand making machine, and only the correct installation can improve. Equipment production efficiency and later service life, if you install it yourself, you can find an experienced technician to guide the installation, so as to ensure that the installation will not adversely affect the later operation.

If there is no problem with the installation of the sand making equipment, it is necessary to find the reason from the sand and gravel materials. For the expert, especially the experienced operator can see the properties of the material at a glance. If there is too much mortar in the material, it will also cause the quality of the gravel in the production process to be unsatisfactory, and it is easy to make the material in the production process. There is a phenomenon of blockage in the material, so it is very important to control the density of the material slurry. Only in this way can the production efficiency of the sand making machine be minimally affected by the material.

Finally, the production environment of the sand production line, to see if the production environment can meet the use of mineral processing equipment and efficiency. The working process of the sand making production line is roughly the following. First, the stone material is uniformly sent to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for rough crushing. After rough crushing, it will be sent to the sand making by the belt conveyor. The machine is crushed and sanded again. After crushing, it will be sent to the vibrating screen for screening. If it meets the requirements, it will be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning. After cleaning, it will be output through the conveyor belt. If it does not meet the requirements, it will return to the sander again or be reworked using a ball mill. The components of these mechanical devices are composed of several different equipments. The equipment is basically some steel fittings. This will reduce the wear problem in the production process and improve the production efficiency invisibly.

The above points are the reasons for the inefficiency of the sand making machine in the sand making line. Users can ensure the normal production of the production line as long as they find and solve these problems in time. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the sand making machine equipment in order to make the mechanical equipment perform its excellent performance.

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