Construction waste crusher


【Feeding strength】: depending on the process of customization

【Processing capacity】: depending on the process custom

【Application】: sand and gravel field, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.

【Applicable materials】: construction waste, quartz stone, river pebbles, calcite, dolomite, granite and so on.

Prospects for construction waste crushers

Now more and more construction waste is polluting our environment, construction waste crusher can handle these construction waste very well.

construction waste crusher is a mobile strong, broken energy consumption, wide range of crushing equipment, not only can be widely used in a variety of construction waste and the destruction of related materials, but also can be applied to a variety of road pavement works And the strong mobility of the broken demand. The development of construction waste crusher is not only an urgent requirement of economic progress and profit growth, but also a concrete manifestation of environmental protection and comprehensive use.

construction waste crusher is a collection of mobile, broken, the material of the integration of equipment, equipment for the current serious construction waste in China there is a huge solution to the practical effect, not only to take up a lot of land resources and management costs Of the construction waste to achieve reduction, recycling, resource use, but also to achieve the turning point for the development of waste.

It is a new economic growth point of the specific show. Furthermore, since the mobile crushing station equipment can flexibly adjust and move according to the temporary point of the construction waste, it is realized that the garbage is the ideal effect where the crushing is followed, not only the cost and the cost of the material transportation, But also makes the construction waste broken the targeted solution can be described as a variety of broken, full flowering, construction waste crusher for the effective treatment of construction waste for China's environmental protection and friendly economy, also played an important role in promoting and deep influence.


Performance of construction waste crusher

Now the harm of construction waste is more and more serious, construction waste is not only environmental pollution, occupation of land problems, it has become a harm to people's lives in the whole people. How does construction waste handle? Has become a topic that people will always call. construction waste crusher is a good equipment. The following describes the construction waste crusher performance and characteristics:

  • 1, flexible mobility
  • The height of the vehicle is high, the width of the vehicle body is less than that of the semi-trailer. The radius of the turning is small, which is convenient for ordinary road driving. It is more convenient to travel in the rugged road environment in the crushing area. For the fast stationed in the site to save time. More conducive to stationed in the construction of a reasonable area for the overall crushing process to provide a more flexible space and reasonable layout.

  • 2, the role of work directly effective
  • Can be used independently, but also for customers on the process of the type of material, product requirements, to provide a more flexible process configuration to meet the user mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, so that the formation of the organization, logistics and more direct and effective, Maximize the reduction.

  • 3, flexible and flexible configuration
  • construction waste crusher for coarse crushing, crushing and screening system, can be a separate unit independent operation, can also be flexible system configuration unit joint operations. The discharge hopper side provides a variety of configuration flexibility for the sieving material delivery mode. In addition to the diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration, in addition to the power supply of the unit, it can also be targeted to the process system configuration unit combined power supply, reliable performance maintenance Convenience.

  • 4, the integration of the entire unit
  • Integrated unit equipment installation form, eliminating the split components of the complex site installation operations, reducing the material, working hours consumption. The unit's compact and compact space layout enhances the flexibility of the site presence.

  • 5, reduce the cost of material transportation
  • construction waste crusher on the first line of material broken, eliminating the material from the scene and then broken the middle of the link, greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials. In addition, the unit will be more directly to the broken material into the transfer truck bucket, away from the scene.

Structural Analysis of Mobile Building Crusher

In the initial treatment of garbage generated in the building, because many buildings are not concentrated, resulting in a lot of construction waste is not enough concentration. Therefore, when setting up the factory, the dispersion of construction waste also need to be considered, so as to improve the processing efficiency. Otherwise it will take a long distance and time to transport, so not only increase the cost of transport, but also lead to secondary pollution. So the mobile recycled aggregate production model will become the future construction waste disposal equipment, an important direction of development. In the scene of the construction of construction waste, people will be able to initially deal with these garbage. And then to the aggregate depth processing center to transport the processed recycled aggregate and then complete the corresponding treatment. This will not only reduce transportation costs, but also reduce its impact on the environment.

By the crusher, screening system, debris sorting device, transmission mechanism and vibration feeder, self-running function together constitute a mobile building garbage crusher. And, the mobile organization is configured, it can be said that the production line is moving


  • (1) crusher
  • In the mobile crushing station, the crusher is the core component, crushing the construction waste is its main task. The hardness of the material is the main feature of construction waste, low viscosity, there is no high demand for water content, therefore, must ensure that the stone crushing requirements of the equipment will be in the construction waste recycling mobile crusher is used. In order to improve the performance of recycled aggregate, it should be broken out of granular materials, effectively reduce the sheet material content, and to ensure that the particles can be evenly distributed. Therefore, be sure to follow the appropriate standards and scope to control the crusher performance, efficiency and material size.

  • (2) Screening system
  • In order to produce high-quality recycled aggregate, if it is difficult to complete a broken in accordance with the requirements, it is necessary to double the broken, which requires the addition of screening system, in the larger particles of the concrete block screening, and then to the crusher In the delivery, again crushing treatment to ensure that the effective disposal of construction waste.

  • (3) debris sorting device
  • Many debris is present in the construction waste, in particular, there are a lot of scrap wire, waste steel material exists in the reinforced concrete, therefore, need to set a debris sorting device to the mobile crusher, the waste wire, The impact of recycled aggregate properties is reduced.

  • (4) vibration feeding equipment
  • If the crusher into the construction of garbage directly, this will give a great impact on the crusher, if a long time to do so, it will lead to its uneven force, the normal operation of the equipment impact. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vibrating feeder before the crusher. The biggest advantage of the vibrating feeder is the ability to evenly feed. After the vibration of the material, move forward, slowly into the crusher before entering, if the construction waste particles smaller, will fall in the gap between the bar, so as to play the role of screening.

  • (5) self-walking device
  • Tire-type and crawler-type walking mechanism is the mobile crushing station in two important walking agencies. Tire-type walking mechanism to facilitate the ordinary road walking, turning radius is small, can be stationed quickly in the site, equipment, high flexibility and save time. Crawler-type walking mechanism, able to walk smoothly, with a lower ground pressure, can effectively adapt to wetlands and mountain environments. Usually on the full hydraulic drive system applications, it is highly reliable, large driving force.

Construction waste crusher Technical Data


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