Gold Ore Crusher


【Feed size】: ≤ 800mm

【Production capacity】: 30-800t / h

【Application areas】: for mining, railways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries broken process.

【Applicable materials】: This series of crusher can handle the length of 100 ~ 500 mm below the material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with crushing ratio, broken material was cube particles, etc., for crushing hard materials The

Earth's total gold reserves of about 4.8 billion tons, and distributed in the core of about 4.7 billion tons, mantle 86 million tons, and distributed to the crust of only 100 million tons. More than 99% of the Earth's gold enters the core. This distribution of gold is formed during the long-term evolution of the earth. The abundance of the crust formed in the early stages of the Earth's development is high, and therefore, the Archean green belt, which is composed of the early remnants of the crust, is mainly composed of mafic and ultramafic volcanic rocks. In the crust of various types of rocks, it may become the earliest "mineral source layer" of gold deposits. In summary, the abundance of gold in the crust is already very low, but also has a pro-sulfur, copper, ferrous, high melting point and other properties, to form industrial deposits, gold to enrich thousands of times The formation of large ore, rich ore, gold will be enriched thousands, tens of thousands of times, or even higher, it can be seen that the huge gold generally go through a very long geological period, through a variety of sources, multiple mineralization superposition only May be formed.

Processing process

  • 1, gold ore processing process of gold ore broken
  • The raw ore is transported from the loading and transportation equipment to the gold ore crusher production line. Feed to the jaw crusher of the original ore will be broken into small pieces of ore, and then broken through the cone crusher, and ultimately the formation of about 0-10MM small particles, the whole process of such a broken paragraph.

  • 2, gold ore processing process of gold ore grinding
  • In the first step, the gold ore has been broken into pieces of about 0-10 mm small particles that have met the demand for delivery to the gold ore grinder - ball mill. In the silo, vibration feeder under the action of these small particles are evenly transported to the ball mill for grinding, and then by the grading machine, water cyclone and other equipment for grading screening, until all the gold ore powder to the next level of production operations The demand.

  • 3, gold ore processing technology of gold ore concentration, electrolysis, purification
  • The gold ore powder is purified by a concentrator, mixed with a good chemical solvent and sent to the CIL plant system. Through the action of the system, some tailings are removed and the concentrate is sent to the electrolytic unit for desorption and finally passed Smelting to get the target gold

Gold ore processing technology commonly used equipment

1, gold ore crushing process is mainly used in the gold ore crushing machinery

Gold ore crushing and processing equipment mainly by the jaw crusher, cone crusher composition.


Jaw crusher for a variety of ore rock broken the first process, the compressive strength can not be higher than 320MPa of a variety of ore disposable processing to medium size, often with the cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine And so together constitute a complete set of sand and gravel production lines, widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, electricity, water conservancy, transportation and other fields.

HST single cylinder hydraulic cone break mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control technology in one, representing the world's most advanced crusher technology, can be widely used in metal and non-metallic minerals, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries In the broken, crushing and ultra-fine operation. It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low production cost, convenient maintenance adjustment and excellent grain size of broken product.

HPT hydraulic cone crusher is the introduction of high-end technology in Germany, combined with the performance of China's metal materials designed a high-performance crusher, mainly used for metal mining, construction and gravel processing of the two broken and three broken links, because Broken capacity, yield, and more used in the hard material broken.

2, gold ore milling process mainly used in the gold ore grinding machinery

The most important grinding equipment in the process is the ball mill.

3, gold ore mineral processing technology is mainly used in the gold ore dressing equipment

The process according to the different fineness of gold ore, the selected gold ore dressing process different types of gold ore mineral processing machinery used in its very different. Including: hydrocyclones, flotation machines, leaching tanks, desorption electrolysis systems and concentrators and so on.

Technological transformation measures

1, mining program: the treatment of ore from the original single pit into the mine and the mine into the mine and both.

2, broken process: to maintain the original two semi-closed main process, the broken system was rebuilt and new.

3, equipment and facilities:

  • (1) When dealing with pit mine, no large pieces, Dmax ≤ 350mm of the ore, the rough chopped PE400mm × 600mm jaw crusher, sieve selection 2ZD1836 double vibrating screen, screening operation output coarse, medium and fine 3 products, products for the final product fine, coarse products into two 300mm × 600mm deep cavity jaw crusher, and after crushing the granulated product were combined into the short head Φ1200 cone crusher, the crushed product thereof constituting the return shaker Closed circuit.
  • (2) When dealing with large open-air Dmax ≤ 500mm ore, coarse crushed with PE600mm × 900mm jaw crusher, PE400mm × 600mm jaw crusher disabled, screening and crushing equipment and the same process.
  • (3) When the need to deal with water, mud with a large amount of ore, the need for washing, coarse crushed PE600mm × 900mm jaw crusher, broken into another ZD1836 sieve for screening, after the three products, i.e., broken into the coarse JC300mm × 60mm deep cavity crusher crushed product were combined with the particles enter Φ1200 short head cone crusher, the crushing products which returns vibration sieve closed configuration, output sieve Fine-grained products into the spiral grading machine, graded into the powder into the powder warehouse, overflow gravity to thick machine.

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