HST Cone Crusher

Product Features: Bigger capacity, safer and more intelligent, higher efficiency

HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a new high-efficiency cone crusher independently researched, developed and designed by SBM through summarizing over twenty years of experience and widely absorbing advanced American and German technologies abo

    Input Size: 0-370mm
    Capacity: 45-2130TPH
    Material: Granite, diabase, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, metallic ores and non-metallic ores, etc.

Working Principle

When a HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher works, driven by the motor, the transmission shaft rotates under the action of belt pulley and triangular belt. Next, the transmission shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to make it rotate around the axis. Meanwhile, the eccentric sleeve forces the movable cone to do pendular movement. This movement makes the movable cone and fixed cone sometimes close to, sometimes far away from the rolling wall. Materials are continuously shocked, squeezed and crushed in the crushing cavity between the crushing wall and the rolling wall. Finally, materials are discharged out of the machine when their fineness reaches the discharging standard.


Cone crusher type

Cone crusher sub-standard type, short head type, generally used in the fine broken on. Standard type, generally used for two broken, that is, in the broken slime dryer 0.85 as the basis for the choice of feed size, and the average size of the product is the largest feed divided by the crushing ratio. SBM cone crusher standard for open circuit, short head type is used for closed circuit. Short head type is generally used for fine break, that is broken. SBM cone crusher has four cavity type. That is, coarse, coarse, medium, fine. Selection of the principle is to see the material size and discharge the size of the decision, the feed is large, coarse product size, the election of coarse or coarse, and vice versa with medium and fine.

Brief Introduction of Working Principle of Cone Crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher (cone crusher) work, the rotation of the motor through the pulley or knuckle, drive sleeve and cone in the eccentric sleeve under the forced motion of a fixed for the rotary motion, so that the crusher crusher The wall is sometimes close and then away from the surface of the rolled white wall, so that the ore in the crushing chamber constantly under the impact, extrusion and bending to achieve the ore crushing.

In the unbreakable foreign body through the crushing chamber or for some reason the machine overload, the spring insurance system to achieve insurance, drainage port increases, foreign body from the crushing chamber, such as foreign body stuck in the row of ore can be used to clear the cavity system, Increase, so that foreign body to exclude crushing chamber. Under the action of the spring, the discharge port automatically reset, the machine back to normal work.

The cone crusher is suitable for the third paragraph of the metal mine concentrator broken, or the fourth paragraph of the broken; for building materials or non-metallic mines and civil engineering. Especially in areas where the supply of natural sand is insufficient for civil works.

What is the technical advantage of the cone crusher?

Cone crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and the product is uniform in size and suitable for crushing and crushing all kinds of ore and rock. It is suitable for construction, road construction, metallurgy, chemical and silicate industry Broken raw materials. The advantages of the cone crusher is inseparable from its technical aspects, then the cone crusher in the technical advantages? SBM company with you talk about the cone crusher in the technical advantages.

Cone crusher structure is reasonable, advanced broken principle and technical parameters, reliable operation, low operating costs; cone crusher all parts are wear protection, the maintenance costs to a minimum, the service life increased by 30% or more.

Cone crusher through the use of inter-particle laminated principle of the special design of the crushing chamber with the matching speed, replacing the traditional single particles of the broken principle, to achieve the selective separation of materials, significantly improved product fines Ratio and cube content, to a great extent reduced needle sheet material.

Cone crusher with a unique thin oil lubrication system design, greatly increasing the service life of the equipment. High-performance non-contact labyrinth seals without wear, increased the reliability of the dust barrier, a fundamental solution to the original spring cone crusher oil and water mixture and other failures.

Cone crusher by the higher speed and stroke combination, the cone crusher rated power and greatly enhance the ability to enhance the crushing ratio and production efficiency. The cone crusher has a perfect combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape.

All parts of the cone crusher can be maintained from the top or side of the maintenance and disassembly, moving cone and fixed cone disassembly more convenient, no need to disassemble the rack, fastening bolts, so the cone crusher usually replace the liner more quickly. The use of hydraulic motor to make the cone crusher to achieve the best production efficiency.

Cone crusher through the hydraulic regulation of the discharge port and overload protection to the crusher operation level has been greatly improved, the cone crusher operation more convenient, easier maintenance, shorter downtime. Cone crusher of the two-way iron release hydraulic cylinder can let the iron through the crushing chamber, the cone crusher in the event of iron and instantaneous boring in the case of the hydraulic top and automatic nesting, reducing the original spring cone broken Machine need to stop to carry out the trouble of artificial nesting.

Cone crusher only need to replace the fixed cone liner, moving cone liner, crushing cavity shape can be in the standard ultra-coarse cavity type to short head ultra-fine cavity between the arbitrary transformation, to meet the requirements of a wide range of product size.

Product Parameters


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