PE Jaw Crusher

Product Features: Inheritance of century-old classics, simple structure, stable working performances

【Feed grain size】: ≤ 1500mm【Production capacity】: 1-2200t / h【Application】: metallurgy, chemical, building materials, electricity, transportation and o

    Input Size: 0-1020mm
    Capacity: 45-800TPH
    Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore

Working Principle

The PE Jaw Crusher is powered by the motor. Through the motor pulley, the eccentric shaft is driven by the V-belt and the sheave, so that the movable jaw reciprocates along the predetermined tracks to crush materials inside the crushing cavity. Materials, after being processed and reaching the standard, would be discharged from the lower discharge opening.


【Feed grain size】: ≤ 1500mm

【Production capacity】: 1-2200t / h

【Application】: metallurgy, chemical, building materials, electricity, transportation and other industrial sectors.

【Applicable materials】 river pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, coal gangue, construction waste, etc.

【Products】: Jaw crusher is a common crushing plant in the production of broken equipment, because of its simple structure, reliable work by the majority of customers praise, I produced the maximum crush crusher strength of 320MPa. To meet a variety of materials, broken processing, while providing a variety of models for your choice.

Structure of jaw crusher

1, rack

The frame is a four-walled rigid frame with upper and lower openings for the reaction of the eccentric shaft and subjected to crushed material. It requires sufficient strength and rigidity. It is usually cast with cast steel. The minicomputer can also use high quality cast iron instead of cast steel. Mainframe racks need to be cast into pieces, and then bolted firmly into the whole, the casting process is complex. Self-made small jaw crusher can also be welded with thick steel plate, but the stiffness is poor.

2, jaw and side guards

Both the jaw and the jaw are composed of a jaw bed and a jaw plate, the jaw plate is a working part, fixed with bolts and wedge iron on the jaw bed. Jaw jaw bed is the front wall of the frame, moving jaw jaw bed hanging on the shaft, there must be sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand the broken reaction, and thus mostly cast steel or cast iron pieces.

3, transmission parts

Eccentric shaft is the jaw crusher spindle, by a huge bending torque, the use of high-carbon steel manufacturing. Eccentric parts to be finished, heat treatment, bearing lining with Pasteurite casting. Eccentric shaft end with wheel, the other end of the flywheel.

4, adjust the device

The adjustment device is wedge type, pad type and hydraulic type, generally wedge type, composed of two wedges before and after, the front wedge can move back and forth, to withstand the rear push plate; after the wedge for the adjustment wedge, can be up and down Move the two wedges of the slope back to fit, by the screw to move the wedge up and down to adjust the size of the outlet. The movement of the small jaw crusher is achieved by increasing the number of shims between the thrust bearing and the rack.

5, flywheel

Jaw crusher flywheel used to store moving jaw empty stroke of the energy, and then used in industrial formation, so that the work of the machine in line with the uniform, pulley also plays the role of flywheel, flywheel often cast iron or cast steel, Minicomputer flywheel often made of integral, flywheel manufacturing, installation should pay attention to static balance.

6, lubrication device

Eccentric shaft bearings are usually lubricated with concentrated circulation. Spindle and thrust plate support surface generally use grease through the manual oil gun to the oil. Moving jaw swing angle is very small, so that the spindle and the bearing between the lubrication difficult, often in the bottom of the bearing to open a number of axial oil groove, the middle of a ring to the oil tank to connect, and then forced into the oil pump oil lubrication.

Working principle and operation precautions of jaw crusher

When the crusher is in operation, the motor is driven by the pulley to rotate the eccentric shaft, so that the moving jaw is close to and away from the jaw, so that the material is squeezed, rubbed, grinded and so on, so that the material is greatly reduced and gradually falls until Discharged from the discharge port, to complete the broken.

Due to the performance of the machine (negative support, zero suspension) and the mechanical structure of the restrictions, the design used a single, double jaw jaw mosaic structure, making the machine structure is very compact.

1, the discharge port adjustment: double-chamber double-action jaw jaw crusher discharge port width can be adjusted according to user needs, by adjusting the position of the bracket (with the machine side of the two pairs of bolt top wire adjustment) to adjust After the gasket is placed on the brackets, then the top of the plug can be relaxed to obtain the required discharge port size, the discharge port adjustment range of 5-30mm.

2, Feeding adjustment device: the upper part of the machine is set to a hopper, in the middle of the provision of feed adjustment baffle. The baffle can be adjusted to the main and crushing chamber side, and its role is to control the inclination of the plate to control the amount of feed in the two crushing chambers.

3, the reset spring: the machine design using a single, double-jaw jaw mosaic structure, compared with the traditional crusher in the structure is completely different, reset the spring set by its structural constraints, can only use the current Way, in the middle of the middle of the two moving jaw in the form of tension to pre-tensioned.

4, overload protection: PSS150X400 double-chamber double-action jaw jaw crusher overload protection design reference to the traditional structure of the negative support jaw crusher, bracket and rack as a whole, with the elbow hinge in the rack and Moving jaw, so that it plays the role of overload protection.

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