Sand Making Machine


【Feed particle size】: ≤ 60mm

【Production capacity】: 12-360t / h

【Application】: for mining, cement, building materials, chemicals, railways and other industries sanding process.

【Introduction】: sand making machine is the introduction of the United States Bamak company famous "stone stone" crusher principle and technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand production, research and development with a domestic, international, leading level of efficient Gravel equipment. It is widely used in a variety of rocks, abrasives, refractories and so on.

Introduction to sand making machine

This series of sand making machine for soft or hard and hard materials broken, plastic, widely used in a variety of ore, cement, refractory materials, aluminum earth clinker, emery, glass raw materials, Especially for silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite, sand and other high hard, special hard and abrasive materials than other types of crusher production efficiency is higher.

Impact crusher, also known as sand making machine, is my company to introduce the United States Bamak company "stone stone" crusher principle and technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand production, developed a domestic and international high level of gravel equipment. VSI sand making machine is widely used in a variety of rock, abrasive, refractory materials, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate and other hard and brittle materials in the broken, fine (sand). It is particularly suitable for building sand and road construction.

Sand making machine mainly by the feed, sub-feeder, vortex crushing chamber, impeller experience, spindle assembly, base drive and motor and other seven parts.

Features of SBM Sand Making Machine

Shanghai SBM sand making machine has a good broken effect, the stone has a strong crushing efforts in the scrap, waste, slag, steel slag and other solid waste treatment has a unique method, which is favored by the market reasons First, the crack control of the right, naturally also extended the life of the machine, together with the small Yin to enjoy the Shanghai SBM sand machine unique performance characteristics of it.


  • 1, Shanghai SBM sand making machine installation specifications different from the output of each hour from 50 tons to 500 tons, processing capacity relative to the traditional sand making machine is a substantial increase, with the same power of the traditional sand machine phase Than the yield increased by more than 30 percent.
  • 2, Shanghai SBM sand machine vulnerable components of the wear rate is particularly low, it is used in the crushing chamber for the impact of materials, wear parts by the friction is smaller, than the cost of traditional sand making machine reduced by three points One or so, but also reduce the use of machinery and equipment costs.
  • 3, the sander of the product size is cube distribution, and the particle size distribution is particularly uniform, its fineness and the actual discharge situation can be adjusted according to need.
  • 4, Shanghai SBM sand making machine is a hydraulic device, hydraulic equipment for the maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment in the easy disassembly and maintenance, maintenance process is also more simple, greatly reducing the strength of the artificial force, reducing the artificial cost.
  • 5, Shanghai SBM sand making machine is used in automatic detection, through the vibration and fault display dual combination of the way for the failure of a significant increase in the diagnosis, and if the machine is running bad, etc. will be timely alarm, so that equipment Scientific and reasonable to stop working to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.
  • 6, Shanghai SBM sand making machine is used in the lubrication of thin oil, which uses German-made thin oil lubrication station, through the automatic equipment on the machinery and equipment to complement the lubricating oil, and its oil cooling and heating devices to ensure that the normal temperature range of bearings Within, so as to completely solve the bearing heat problems, so that the bearings remain thermostat.
  • 7, the installation is more simple and convenient, especially the quality of light.
  • 8, Shanghai SBM sand making machine can be used in the internal crushing stone stone can also take the way to take the stone to change the two, improve product quality and reduce the failure rate.
  • 9, Shanghai SBM sand making machine in addition to the old-fashioned sand machine in addition to the noise has a very good improvement, the dust is more greatly reduced.

Maintenance of new type sand making machine

Shanghai SBM as a professional sand making machine manufacturers, in the sale of the sand machine equipment will be followed by the installation of workers to carry out on-site installation and commissioning, waiting for debugging after no problem will be assured to allow customers to use, SBM sand machine is widely Used in mining, building materials, road laying and other industries, a wide range of applications, customers by the majority of industry customers of all ages, then the sand machine equipment which is the best?


Shanghai SBM sanding machinery and equipment with excellent technology, advanced technology, coupled with good after-sales service, can be described as the leader in sand making machinery, SBM new sand machine still need your good maintenance can be long-term and efficient Work, in the mechanical equipment before the first start to check to see if the various parts of the mechanical equipment is intact, after the start of the operation in accordance with the normal operating rules to operate, so as to avoid improper operation caused by machine failure, often to the machine Lubricants are also very necessary, it can help the machine work better.

Shanghai SBM professional quality enough to promote their production of first-class sand making equipment, of course, no matter how good equipment also need careful care to be able to work health, Shanghai SBM has been constantly improve their own requirements for the community to provide better equipment, but also hope The majority of customers can carefully to maintain, to maintain our sand machinery.

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