SCM Ultrafine Mill

Product Features: Ultrafine powder, wide applications, excellent environmental effect

SCM Ultrafine Grinding Mill is a new superfine powder (325-2500 mesh) production equipment developed through accumulating years of experience in grinding mill production, absorbing Swedish advanced machine manufacturing technology, and undergoing many yea

    Input Size: 0-20mm
    Capacity: 0.5-25TPH
    Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

Working Principle

After hammer crushers break large bulky materials to smaller ones, elevator works to send materials to material bin. Next, materials are sent to the grinding mill evenly and they would fall onto the dispersing plate firstly. When the grinding mill runs, dozens of grinding rollers start to rotate and roll. Under the action of centrifugal force, materials on the dispersing plate are then thrown to the rim and drop to the grinding chamber. In the circuit, materials would be squeezed and ground. After being ground several times, materials are blown into the powder selector by airflow. Under the action of the impeller of powder selector, materials which fail to meet fineness would be sent back to grinding chamber to get another grinding while qualified powders would be collected by cyclone powder collector and discharged from the bottom as finished products. Some remaining powders would be collected by impulse dust remover and they may stick to the surface of filler-bag. So, next, high-pressure airflow controlled by the impulse valve blows the filler-bag to make it swell and shake violently. This sudden shake can help kick off materials on the filler-bag and collect them as finished products. After filtering, the airflow would be discharged to the air. This system adopts an open circuit and runs under negative pressure.


Advantages and working principle of ultrafine grinding powder

In the ore processing and processing production line, many customers are willing to choose ultrafine mill as a milling equipment, mainly due to ultrafine mill equipment, wear parts of the replacement frequency is small, large processing capacity. After ultrafine material, with its surface area of ​​the increase, can cause other changes in performance, and greatly improve the use of materials and efficiency. And the price of ultrafine mill powder is relative to other milling equipment in the middle level. Customers in the choice of milling equipment, in addition to consider the price factors, the after-sales service, product quality, technical staff training and other factors are also considered within the scope.

Mineral mill ultrafine mill works similar to the working principle of the mill. ultrafine mill with the principle of grinding powder grinding material, low energy consumption, grinding system power consumption than the ball mill 20% to 30%, and with the increase in raw material moisture, energy-saving effect is more obvious. ultrafine mill in the work of no ball mill ball collision with each other, hit the liner metal impact, so the noise is 20 ~ 25dB lower than the ball mill. In addition, ultrafine mill with a fully enclosed system, reducing the dust on the environment pollution and other issues.

SCM series of ultrafine mill use precautions

Tectonic anatomy and proper operation of limestone ultrafine grinding

The operation of the grinding process is the actual experience in the production practice of accumulated technology, and this technical experience in all kinds of books without specific elaboration. For this reason we introduce the grinding operation.

As the ultrafine mill operation, the relative fixed need not always adjust the factors are: ore ore hardness, crushing size, grid sieve sieve, limestone ultrafine mill model, the ball quality, steel ball, steel ball size, limestone ultrafine mill speed, grading machine speed, grading machine impeller spacing, grading machine to enhance the height of the spindle, grading machine blade wear, grading machine overflow weir level, grading machine under the opening level, grading machine under the size of the classifier on the opening level The size of the machine openings. This part of the factors for the design and process development. Of course, many concentrator design is unreasonable, equipment installation or equipment quality and other problems. This part of the factors are now elaborated.

Limestone ultrafine mill model selection: different limestone ultrafine mill model to meet the different technical requirements, this factor must be a reasonable choice in the design, see the choice of limestone ultrafine mill and calculation.

Limestone ultrafine mill by loading different heart, the size of the gear meshing with the deviation and other issues.

Limestone ultrafine mill of the transmission parts of the reducer gear with trachoma, and other equipment installed, not running several classes, gear wear and other issues.

Ultrafine grinding master the important parameters of daily regulation, is a direct manifestation of ultrafine mill operation level, grinding and utilization of the important content of high and low. Mainly: limestone ultrafine mill water supply size, limestone ultrafine mill ore mouth flushing size, to the ore size.

There are several aspects of limestone ultrafine abrasive belly can attract attention, one is to see the limestone ultrafine mill to the mine mouth is spit, and the other is to listen to limestone ultrafine mill sound, if the limestone ultrafine abrasive, The sound becomes smaller and boring, the third is to see the limestone ultrafine mill current control cabinet, in particular, to emphasize that if the limestone ultrafine abrasive, the current value becomes smaller, and many operators and engineers think the opposite, they think Limestone ultrafine abrasive belly because the limestone ultrafine mill in the larger amount of ore, the current value is larger, this is the wrong view.

The principle is: limestone ultrafine abrasive belly, because the limestone ultrafine mill in the ore more, and limestone ultrafine mill of the ore more, the ball, the ore is with the limestone ultrafine mill barrel together Operation, limestone ultrafine mill ore mouth of the ore grain size becomes thicker, then, limestone ultrafine mill work to become small, from the power into kinetic energy becomes smaller, the corresponding energy becomes smaller, the voltage must be, the power becomes smaller, The change is that the current value becomes smaller.

Product Parameters


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