Stone Crusher


【Application】: applicable to the mining industry, a variety of stone crushing operations

【Production capacity】: 50 cubic meters per hour to 800 cubic meters

【Product Status】: According to relevant statistics, China through the production line of stone crusher iron ore up to about 5 million tons, 2 billion tons of limestone, to meet the needs of up to 8 million tons of concrete aggregate.

Stone crusher

Stone crusher is the necessary equipment in the mining machinery, the common stone crusher mainly jaw crusher, mobile crushing station, impact crusher, impact crusher, composite crusher, single hammer crusher, Vertical crusher, rotary crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, double roller crusher, roller crusher, ball mill, Raymond Mill, sand making machine, sand washing machine, high pressure hanging roller mill Wait.

Use of stone crusher

Stone crusher for soft or hard and hard materials broken, plastic, widely used in a variety of ore, cement, refractory materials, aluminum clay clinker, emery, glass raw materials, construction sand, stone and a variety of metallurgy Slag, especially for silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, sand and other high hard, special hard and abrasive materials than other types of crusher production efficiency is higher.

In the field of engineering, it is the ideal production equipment for sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate.


In the field of mining, widely used in the grinding process, it can produce a lot of powder ore, reducing the high cost of grinding load.

Impact crusher Excellent low wear characteristics, the device is also used for high abrasive and secondary disintegration production. In addition, due to the zero pollution of the product, the impact crusher is well adapted to the production of glass quartz sand and other high-purity materials, the production capacity range of 10-500t / h, the impact crusher can almost meet Any production requirements.

Working principle of stone crusher

The structure of the stone crusher is mainly frame, eccentric shaft, large pulley, flywheel, moving E, side guards, brackets,

Brackets rear seat, adjusting screw, reset the spring, fixed jaw and the activities of the E plate and other components, which also play a role in the brackets. The series of jaw crusher crushing method for the curl squeeze type, the motor drive belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move up and down movement, when the rise of the elbow and moving between the angle between the E, When the material is squeezed, rubbing, grinding and other multiple broken; when moving down the line, the brackets and moving between the angle between the smaller, moving the plate in the rod, the role of the spring to leave Set the ice board, at this time has been broken material from the crushing chamber under the mouth of the discharge, with the motor continuous rotation crushing action for the cycle of crushing and discharge, to achieve mass production.

The stone crusher is the ore that is fed from the inlet and slides down along the sieve, and the ore on the sieve is crushed by the carbide hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor and falling at a high speed Tangential direction to fly to the first piece of counterattack plate, so that the ore continues to be broken, the counterattack plate in turn hit the ore and then the other side of the rotor thrown out of the other collide, so the first crushing chamber in the repeated impact of the ore was crushed The Some of the ore in the first crushing chamber crushed to a certain size, after counterattack plate and the gap between the rotor and discharged to the second crushing chamber, continue to be repeated blow until the particle size becomes smaller by the bottom of the crusher discharge The


Stone crusher a total of the following ten product advantages and characteristics

  • 1, the chassis, the appearance of the United States, high strength, durable.
  • 2, semi-automatic, hydraulic adjustment discharge mouth can effectively control the sand, stone size, fast and convenient.
  • 3, tooth plate free packing, easy to replace. Our company produces the mortar walls and broken walls, the mounting surface is specially designed and machined on a special machine tool.
  • 4, the special crushing cavity design, greatly improve the production capacity.
  • 5, over iron protection, safe and reliable, automatic clear cavity, fast time-saving.
  • 6, maze combination, grease seal, dust effect is good.
  • 7, lubricating oil circulation cooling system in accordance with the majority of domestic customers the actual situation and characteristics of the design. Temperature control system and pressure control system to facilitate customer control and operation.
  • 8, bevel gear drive, SBM smooth.
  • 9, special formula and special craft production of copper sets durable, from the absence of cracks in the record, and some kind of imported machine copper sleeve cracking ratio is very large.
  • 10, small size, light weight, reasonable structure is the company's production of one of the advantages of stone crusher.

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