XSD Sand Washer

Product Features: Simple structure, low failure rate, big capacity and high cleanliness

XSD Sand Washer is commonly known as wheel-bucket type sand washer. It is developed and produced by SBM through adopting domestic and overseas advanced technologies and combining the actual situation of domestic aggregate industry. It is usually used with

    Input Size: 0-10mm
    Capacity: 20-120TPH
    Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on

Working Principle

When a XSD Sand Washer is working, driven by the motor, the impeller starts to rotate slowly under the coordinated action of triangular belt, reducer and gear. Sands and gravels enter the wash trough along with the feed trough where they, under the action of impeller, roll over and grind each other to remove impurities on the surface and to destroy the water vapor layer covering sands to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, add water to form a strong water flow to rinse away impurities and foreign matters. Clean sands and gravels are taken away by blades of the impeller and then poured into the discharge trough from the rotating impeller. This is the whole process of sand washing.


Washing sand washing machine sand washing production line

Sand washing machine is widely used in the construction site, gravel plant, and other industries to go, I plant the sand washing machine has been fully recognized by customers, but also to other businesses to promote our factory after years of effort Finally won the washing equipment market, which also thanks to our customers over the years to our support.

I produced the wheel washing sand washing machine is used with sand washing machine efficient sand washing equipment, the machine has a high degree of washing, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, fine sand loss, low failure characteristics. For the gravel, quartz sand, such as washing, grading, dehydration and optimize the design, each with its own characteristics. And can be used in conjunction with, for all kinds of users to provide accurate and flexible solutions. Efficient sand washing machine series is a round bucket washing equipment, mainly used for construction sites, gravel plants, hydropower station concrete dam site, post and telecommunications pole factory to be required sand and sand washing machine sand machine can be mixed Sand washed away trace of stone powder and impurities, thereby improving the quality of sand.

What is the function of the wheeled sand washing machine and how to carry out the maintenance of the wheel washing machine

The quality of the gravel washed by the wheeled sand washing machine is higher than that of the unqualified gravel, and in some of the gravel production lines, many wheeled sand washing machines are used to clean the sand and gravel. What is the function, and how to maintain the wheeled sand washing machine This is some of our customers are very concerned about things, here we come to the next look.

First, for the contemporary wheeled sand washing machine is the most worth mentioning is the structure and division of its bearings. Now the bearings are separated from the water and the material, so it is avoided.

Second, the loss of fine sand in the very few.

Third, in the use of wheeled sand washing machine is also inevitable in the process of some minor problems, pollution caused by premature rust caused by the damage phenomenon, it greatly improved the work efficiency and service life, while greatly reducing the cost.

Fourth, wheeled sand washing machine structure is simple, easy to operate, long life, long-term maintenance.

Applicable to each environment. It is worth noting the following points.

The above is for me to introduce the characteristics of the wheeled sand washing machine and wheeled sand washing machine maintenance, and each of our equipment and we should be carefully the same conservation, it will work for our work, equipment, good maintenance But also to improve the service life, which for us to save the cost, so the use of equipment at the same time also equipment maintenance!

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