How to control the inlet air temperature of micro-grinding materials?

How to control the inlet air temperature of micro-grinding materials?

Micro-grinding is a relatively common large-scale milling equipment. Its use is also widely used. It is mainly used in power plant development, milling in cement plants, etc. It is an ideal grinding equipment in the milling industry. At present, domestic micro-grinding manufacturers have Many, everywhere, the era of micro-grinding has come, and it is widely used in different fields, which has been unanimously recognized by people.

The micro-grinding structure is reasonable in design and advanced in process flow. It is a device that integrates drying, grinding, powder selection and lifting. In the large-scale grinding process, it can fully meet the needs of customers, mainly in technology and economic indicators. The advanced level is thus deeply loved by users.


The ultrafine grinding process is simple in process and compact in layout. It adopts a fully enclosed system. Under negative pressure work, there is no dust and the environment is clean. The whole set of equipment uses hot air to transport materials. When grinding materials with large moisture, the inlet air temperature can be controlled. The product reaches the required final moisture. In the operation of the mill, the micro-grinding production process is advanced, the output is large, and there is a great technical advantage. The grinding roller and the grinding disc have no direct contact between the metals, the wear is small, the chemical composition of the product is stable, and the particles are stable. The gradation is uniform, which is beneficial to calcination. It is equipped with automatic control system, which can realize remote control and easy operation. By repairing the oil cylinder and turning the rotating arm, the roller sleeve and the lining plate can be replaced quickly and conveniently, and the downtime of the enterprise can be reduced.

SBM micro-grinding has many advantages, and it is far away from the ball mill in terms of energy consumption and efficiency. With the continuous development of micro-grinding technology in China, the micro-grinding will look forward to the future. After the grinding machine optimizes the working mechanism of the grinding roller and the grinding disc, the finished pellets are perfectly shaped, and the water demand problem has been solved by some operation techniques. Micro-grinding mills will certainly have better development in the future.