Application and development direction of sand making machine

Project Background

The demanding requirements of the modern market for products have led to the manufacturers of sand making machines and gravel equipment to continuously improve their existing processes according to the needs of users.

Project Advantages

Application and development direction of sand making machine

The demanding requirements of the modern market for products have led to the manufacturers of sand making machines and gravel equipment to continuously improve their existing processes according to the needs of users.

How to open the market, especially the market of small and medium-sized mineral processing enterprises has always been one of the problems that need to be solved in the majority of mineral processing equipment manufacturing enterprises. To this end, SBM Machinery has developed such a fully automatic AUTOSAND high-performance sand making machine based on the original fine crusher, which can save the customer a considerable investment in equipment capital. Below, this article will focus on the advantages of this sand making machine.

From the maintenance point of view, this equipment is relatively simple to maintain, easy to assemble and disassemble, and the replacement speed of the lining can also meet the ideal requirements of users. The size of the equipment is much smaller than that of a conventional sand making machine and can be used as a mobile sand making machine for final assembly.

SBM machinery AUTOSAND series sand making machine has good performance, the feeding material can be used without screening, the processing volume is large, and the crushed product has good grain shape. At the same time, the operating costs of the equipment are very low, and the energy consumption is much reduced due to the new conical structure. The amount of wear is also greatly improved compared to conventional equipment. Performance is very reliable.

The structure is mainly characterized by the use of full hydraulic dynamic adjustment of the discharge port device, full hydraulic over-iron protection, full-rolling main bearing design. Then, in terms of user use, the wear and tear on the lining can be greatly reduced. At the same time, with the advanced mechanical lining wear detection system of the future, the wear amount of the lining can be automatically displayed on the LED output screen.

The most important point is that the AUTOSAND series of sand making machines can save a lot of investment for the company on the classification equipment. Because it uses a wide range of feed fineness specifications, the user does not need to consider whether or not the motor can be operated under stable conditions by grading during use. At the same time, the advanced mechanical automation system in the future is also its main selling point and highlight.

Then let us first understand the application of the sand making machine:

Manager Zhang of Shanghai SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. warned customers that it is necessary to inspect the local production conditions, including electricity transportation, etc., while conducting sand production, and it is also necessary to conduct surveys according to the site conditions. The location of the foundation. In this case, the company will send engineers to the customer's location after reaching an agreement with the customer. The field measurement and survey is to avoid unnecessary losses and losses.


The sand making machine produced by Shanghai SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has three series of PCL series vertical shaft impact sand making machine and YDS new high efficiency sand making machine, more than 20 specifications, which can fully meet the different needs of customers, in our equipment. Before arriving at the customer site, our engineering and technical personnel have already been in place, and began to provide the ground map to the customer site, lay the line, guide the customer to install and debug the sand making machine equipment, and let the customer put into production quickly in the shortest time.

Finally, the relevant experts reminded enterprises that need to purchase sand production line equipment, we must choose a few more products when purchasing, for comparison, it is best to choose a manufacturer that can stand the test before and after the sale. Quality is high and stability is fundamental.

The sand making machine is applied to the middle and fine crushing fields of high-hard and extra-hard materials such as ore, cement, refractory materials, bauxite clinker, corundum, glass raw materials. Can be widely used in hydropower, roads, construction, cement, metal mining and other industries. According to Shanghai SBM's research on sand making machines, China's economy is developing steadily and GDP is growing. The development of road construction cement and some infrastructure construction will inevitably drive the increase of the sand making machine industry. In the next ten years, the domestic sand making machine will have a better development prospect. With the continuous reduction of natural sand, the supply of natural sand resources in China has not kept up with the needs of urban development. Now the emergence of artificial sand has largely solved the problem of sand for urban development.

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