Causes and solutions for the dust problem of jaw crusher

Causes and solutions for the dust problem of jaw crusher

In order to effectively solve the dust problem of the jaw crusher, we must first understand how the dust is generated. Let's take a look at the reasons for the dust of the jaw crusher.

First, the analysis of the dust of the jaw crusher

  • 1. Analysis of the dust point of the crusher
  • The dust source of the jaw crusher mainly comes from the feed port, the discharge port and the conveying system. The material to be processed is crushed and crushed by the crusher, and then sent to the next step through the conveyor. During this process, a large amount of dust is generated, and the concentration is very high. Under the driving of the airflow, the dust source is diffused to the surroundings. Causes serious dust pollution.


  • 2. Causes of dust production at the feed inlet
  • The jaw crusher is not a fully enclosed device. In the feeding process, dust overflow will inevitably occur, resulting in a relatively high concentration of dust around the feed port.

  • 3. Causes of dust production at the discharge port
  • The crushed stone needs to enter the conveyor through the discharge port. Because there is a certain gap between the feed port and the discharge port, a part of the stone will flow into the air. At the same time, the stone will also be in the process of the conveyor. It then rises and spreads to the surroundings.

    Understand the cause of the dust of the jaw crusher. In addition to optimizing the local structure of the equipment, it is also possible to control the dust source with a certain external force to avoid further diffusion of dust.

Second, reduce the dust of the jaw crusher

  • 1. Install a sealing cover at the source of the dust, and configure the water spray and dust suction device at the same time.
  • (1) Two water spouts are provided at the inlet and outlet, and the direction of the spout must be reasonable, pointing to the source of the dust.

    (2) A vacuum cleaner is arranged at the inspection port behind the crushing chamber, and the connecting duct between the fan and the fan is made into a flexible pipe, thereby facilitating daily care of the device.

    (3) The water spray device is arranged in the conveyor belt to reduce the dispersion of dust during the conveying process.

  • 2. Optimize the structure of the tooth plate and other structures of the chute chute.
  • (1) Appropriately reduce the inclination angle of the chute chute, thereby reducing the material potential energy difference.

    (2) Increase the number of teeth of the tooth plate in other cases.

    (3) Replace the damaged sieve plate in time to avoid the problem of dust increase caused by material blockage.

The above measures can greatly reduce the dust emission of the jaw crusher. If there is any problem with the dust, you can try to improve it according to the above method. For the crusher manufacturer, if you want to solve the dust problem thoroughly, you need the processing factory to try to solve the dust problem. It is produced in an advanced and environmentally friendly manufacturing process and uses reliable conveying equipment. SBM Machinery actively responded to the call of the State Environmental Protection Agency and worked hard to develop more energy-efficient, green and environmentally-friendly ore processing equipment, contributing to the green development of mining enterprises.