Details of the crusher manufacturing process

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The crusher is a crushing equipment commonly used in mine development. From the initial semi-mechanical crushing to the evolution of intelligent crusher

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Details of the crusher manufacturing process

The jaw crusher is a crushing equipment commonly used in mine development. From the initial semi-mechanical crushing to the evolution of intelligent crusher, it has undergone ups and downs, reform and upgrading, and has evolved to today, to achieve more intelligent automation, in the process of crusher processing. I believe that each manufacturer has its own unique recipe, but how much attention do you pay attention to in the manufacturing process of the crushing equipment? The details determine success or failure. In fact, we can also find out from the daily life whether the rough and fine workmanship can be seen from the details. The crusher is also the same. The crusher company mainly introduces the details of the crusher manufacturing process.


Material selection details

Crusher selection

Whether the material selection is reasonable is very important for the crushing equipment. Different materials are used to crush the crusher with different materials. Firstly, the matching is mainly used. If the material does not match the quality, then it is also a waste of funds, which will also affect the production efficiency, so the user is Before purchasing equipment, you should have an understanding of the details of the materials to avoid the lack of professional knowledge and be fooled by individual manufacturers. Large crusher manufacturers have strict requirements on material selection. They use high-end and high-quality materials for the manufacture of equipment and high-standard requirements in terms of quality. They are called domestic crushers with better quality.

Crusher design details

plan the details

Reasonable design can make the equipment more efficient. The reasonable design includes the detailed design of each component. For example, whether the design of the flywheel, bearing, discharge port and crushing cavity is reasonable and directly affects the production efficiency, the details determine the success or failure, and the unreasonable design. For the production of dragging legs, the production efficiency is greatly reduced, the same crusher, the difference in small details is very different, users must pay attention to the details of the design.

Workmanship details

Whether the production of the crusher is rough or not can be distinguished from the appearance. Users must select several manufacturers to compare before purchasing the equipment. The inspection on the spot by the manufacturer, the inspection of the materials, and the inspection of the parts design are more conducive to analysis. The quality of the equipment is good or bad.

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