Double Rotor Impact Crusher

Project Background

The two rotors are driven by two electric motors 21, 22 through a flexible coupling 24, a hydraulic coupling 23 and a vane belt 20, respectively

Project Advantages

The two rotors are driven by two electric motors 21, 22 through a flexible coupling 24, a hydraulic coupling 23 and a vane belt 20, respectively, and are rotated at high speed in the same direction. The material from the upper feeding port into the broken product after the lower part of the body are the whole grate plate 15,18 discharge.

The upper part of the rotor 4 is bolted with four rows of eight hammers 19, breaking the bulk material at a linear velocity of 30 to 40 m / s. The second rotor 11 is bolted with six rows of 12 weight hammers 16, breaking the material from the crushing chamber at a line speed of 52 m / s to the required product size. The two rotors have a certain height difference, the center line and the horizontal line into the angle of about 12. The In this way, the rotor can be forced to feed, so that the linear speed of the second rotor 11 can be improved. The two hammers on the plate are made of high impact resistance wear high manganese steel casting. The rotor is mounted on the spindle, and both ends of the spindle are supported on the lower body with double row radial spherical roller bearings.


One end of the track and the second counterattack plate 5, 12 is hinged to both sides of the upper body of the upper body by means of a suspension shaft 2,8 and the other end is supported by a special screw 6 or a regulating spring 13 on the upper or rear side wall of the machine body The The sub-chamber counter-plate 9 is connected to a connecting rod and a compression spring 10 mounted on both sides of the machine body by means of a suspended cross-section shaft 7, suspended between the two rotors, dividing the crushing chamber into two parts. This sub-cavity focus on counter-break the way to expand the rotor's ability to work, so that the two rotors can be fully utilized. In the lower half of the sub-chamber counterplate 9 and the second counter-impact plate 12, a grate strip with a different discharge size is installed which allows the material required for particle size to be discharged in a timely manner to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

In order to make full use of the function of the discharged material, the bulk material is discharged from the lower part of the two rotors, and the whole grate plate 15, 18 and the fixed plate 17 are provided on the body of the lower part of the rotor. High manganese steel cast grate grille and protective liner.

The body is divided into upper and lower parts along the height difference of the two rotors, and the lower body is subjected to the quality of the whole equipment and is fixed to the foundation by the anchor bolts. Upper and lower body in the material crushing area wall is equipped with protective liner, and around the body to open a certain number of small doors, in order to facilitate observation and maintenance. A curtain 1 is provided at the inlet of the body to prevent the material from flying when it is crushed.

The transmission part with YL-75 safety hydraulic coupling 23, you can reduce the starting load, reduce the motor capacity, but also from the role of overload protection, in the case of sudden overload, due to the hydraulic coupling caused Working fluid heat, to a certain temperature when the thermal protection plug is melted, the working fluid from the hydraulic coupling discharge, loss of transmission capacity, thus interrupting the motor and working mechanism of the link to protect the motor from damage. In order to reduce the damage caused by the falling of the machine due to the damage caused by the material, the hoisting plate of the whole grate plate is weakened by the support of the cross section.

Impact crusher product size adjustment, mainly by changing the rotor speed to achieve. The higher the speed, the finer the product size. Adjust the gap between the counter board and the plate hammer, but also can change the product size, but not obvious.

Double rotor impact crusher is a crushing ratio, large production capacity (up to 150t / h), power consumption of the broken equipment. In the crushing chamber, the size of 700 1000mm pieces can be broken to lOOmm or so; and then into the second crushing chamber, continue to break to 20mm below, and 0.08mm hole sieve less than 10% of the powder accounted for about 6% about. Therefore, such as the use of this crusher, cement plant limestone crushing process with only a broken to achieve the purpose.

In use found that when the material block to lm or more, the block between the block between the card phenomenon. Therefore, the use of feeding size should not be greater than 700mm. When the brittle material with silica content greater than 5% ~ 7% is broken, the parts such as plate hammer wears larger. In addition, when the material moisture is greater than 10% and mixed with soil, the production capacity will be reduced, and prone to clogging failure, the use of units in the selection should be noted.

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